Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coming to America soon!

According to the British Taxpayers Alliance, the top 10 useless government jobs for 2008 include:

* "Street Football Coordinator £19,887," plans street soccer games for the local children who apparently are unable to get the games going on their own.

* "Sport and physical activity development officer - £34,695-£37,368," nags locals to play sports or exercise.

* "Climate Change Manager: £34,542-£38,562," nags locals to think green.

* "Sex Work Strategy Co-ordinator £27,594-£29,762," thinks up something to do with all the prostitutes about.

* "Food Policy Officer. £30,598-£33,291," nags locals into eating what the city government wants them to eat.

* "Senior Play Ranger. £28,778-£31,068," plays with the local kids who, apparently, can't play on their own.

10. "Parenting Coordinator. £27,594-£29,728." nags parents into raising their children in the government-approved fashion.


Blogger ZZMike said...

Formerly Great Britain is being run by madmen. The country is in even worse shape that we are (but not as bad as Iceland), and they're hiring "Senior Play Rangers" at $41000/year.

But not just anyone should apply. "The requirement [is] for an experienced play worker who is level 3 qualified in play work".

(That must be something like "board-certified" is over here.)

Not just level 1.

They're certainly serious about play:

[I converted British Pounds into $$]
"The Government-commissioned document ‘Making the Case for Play’, produced by the Children’s Play Council (2002), has highlighted the importance of play in children’s development and raised its profile nationally. In 2005, central Government pledged $273 million to improve children’s play facilities, and in November of that year the Big Lottery Fund (BLF) launched a $212 million Children’s Play Initiative."

Think how awful life for children would be if there were not a bunch of Serious People showing them how to do it right.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

ZZ, you just crack me up

8:50 AM  

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