Friday, January 16, 2009

Expensive Inaugurations are Good When Democrats Are Spending The Money

Brent Bozell spells it out. When Bush threw a pricey inauguration, the AP attacked him and listed everything else he could spend the money on. Now that we're teetering on the edge of a depression and Obama is going to spend twice as much on his inauguration, AP thinks it's awesome!

You have to love the media. No liberal bias, though. No, indeed.

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Blogger Walker said...

That just drives me crazy!

3:32 PM  
Blogger Kevin S. Willis said...

As a conservative more than willing to give Barack, as our duly elected president, a chance--I never thought Clinton was all bad, for example--I will call out the double-standard of the media, which seems to be getting worse. At least, when combined with the worshipful idolization of Obama from supposed objective journalists. Combines with the corporate love of Obama from the likes of Pepsi to the entertainment industry love from Hollywood to all the magazines to MTV and dozens of other networks . . . the cult of Obama is creeping me out. Honestly, it disturbs me a lot more than Obama does. Obama strikes me as something of a pragmatic liberal--a European-style quasi-socialist who unfortunately things a half-nationalized, half-socialist country is the perfect balance.

It's the creepy cult of personality around Obama that gets me. The worshipful love. The fainting. The tears. The uncritical attitude toward the inaugural, where everyone is getting together to give praise and testiment to our new Lord and Savior, Barack Obama. It's not Obama that's bugging me so much--it's all the people willing and ready to follow Jim Jones to the Kool-Aid pitcher.

Human beings never learn, apparently. Hopefully, Obama won't destroy this country. Because if he wanted to, he clearly would have the full cooperation of the media, the tech industry, the entertainment industry, the pundit class, the Republican party and establishment inside-the-beltway "conservatives". The unions. And probably the banking industry and the financial sector. Yikes!

I blogged more about it at Whassup, People? Want to see Obama on comic book covers, come check it out.

11:22 AM  

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