Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fire update: We're in the house with dogs, but no chest of drawers!

There is 4 inches of Globally Warmed snow on the ground with subzero temps predicted for tomorrow.

I am afraid for our kitten, who still lives at the burned house. I had a heated water bowl and cat mat for him, but they require ELECTRICITY.... exactly what we don't have at the old house right now. I've been going over with food and water every day. I'm afraid the weather will be so bad I won't be able to get to him one day this week. Food I can load up but water freezes in an hour or so. He has to drink fast. He's been crawling through our crawl space and going up through the burned out floor into the house. It is so COLD in the house but no wind. He found a memory foam mattress pad that was left in the house and is sleeping on it. I piled feather pillows around it so he can snuggle in. (Smoke restoration people don't do feather pillows so they are still in the house).

Does anyone know of a kind of battery powered heating thing I can put water in for the cat?

I'm at work in a new office about 20 minutes away from our temporary house, and the muttleys are hanging out in the garage of our temporary house, their necks properly ruffled as Pamela requested. You might have seen the comment my husband Mark made in another post, that he put in a dog door. He's my hero! So there is progress. We're hoping we might be back in our house in June (please God, not JULY!)

I admit I've been whining quite a bit recently and have been not at all the inspiration that Patrick thinks. (But thanks for the thought :-)

We have borrowed a lot of things from friends and neighbors for our temporary house. Insurance company rented some furniture, but sheesh, I never thought of how many things one has to bring into an empty house. I got a set of pans for Christmas that I am using. And the sheets I wanted for Christmas, we are using. At one point I was longing for a simple trash can. (We finally bought one) Now I am dying for a chest of drawers. We can't find one to rent or borrow. We don't have that many clothes, but what we do have are all over the floor of the spare bedroom, in boxes. Can't find anything. I've been running back to the burned house looking for extra hangers on the thought that maybe we can hang EVERYTHING.


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Well, you haven't been whining on your blog. I still think you're an inspiration.

Sorry, I don't know of any battery powered heating bowl for your kitty.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I sent you an Email with a link -- I'd looked at these solar water heaters for a bird bath.

with flashlight batteries for back up

2:39 AM  

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