Monday, May 01, 2006

USA Weekend counsels girls to give blow jobs

I'm amazed at the kind of crap in mainstream magazines these days.

Here is a moron named Dennie Hughes who wrotes a "RelationTips" column -- an advice column which usually involves sex, right there in your Sunday magazine.

This weekend Dennie tells us that staying a virgin is a silly religious decision, and she proceeds to tell the girl the real facts of life: Men are going to want to have sex with you BEFORE they take a chance on marrying you because, after all, they gotta test the goods. So, she writes, if you can't spread your legs, at least learn how to give a good blow job!

Thank you, Women's movement. Thank you, Bill Clinton.

This babe actually thinks oral sex is not sex.

In case anyone wondered whether the women's movement had trivial goals, I think this clears it up.

Here is the liberal idea of heaven: Sexual fulfillment is the primary goal of marriage and, indeed, life. You don't have to worry about babies, just kill them if they get in your way. But if some silly sentimentality gets in your way and you do have a baby, don't worry! The government will take care of it!

Just be sure you know how to give a good blow job.


Blogger said...

As a man, I have to tell you, this isn't Bill Clinton (by himself), and certainly not the women's movement. This is a centuries long effort by men, loosely affiliated but with a common goal, to convince women everywhere that blowjobs are "no big deal" and that "everybody does them" but that, in contradiction to that, being exceptionally good at fellatio with earn you a universal gold star.

Generally, serious feminists are opposed to anything that gives any man pleasure, unless that man has someone single-handedly ensured legalized abortion for eternity.

Fortunately, some have been tricked by the "oral sex is not sex" male-hedonist consortium, when, in fact, it's just as good and, more often than not, preferred.

Frankly, I think Bill Clinton should have been working at work (and not cheating on his wife, natch), but I've got to come out in full support of blow jobs. But they are, actually, sex.

The interesting thing is the moral inversion that seems to have taken place. Staying a virigin is "silly" where promiscuity was once considered "irresponsible". Oral sex is now "not sex" when heavy pettying and french kissing used to practically be considered intercourse.

If the progressiveness of understanding and inclusion was really what was behind most of the movements on the left, they'd come up with a suitably squishy: "If you want to have sex with someone you love without the commitment of marriage, well, that's okay. But if you want to wait until marriage before you become physically intimate with someone, that's a great choice, too."

But, no. Wanting to stay a virgin until you get married is "stupid".

And this is bad in a lot of ways. The reality is, even when folks have sex before marriage--even if they have a lot of sex before marriage--they are universally better off in almost every case (a) the longer they wait before they start having sex and (b) the longer they are in a relationship before they start having sex with that person. And, despite worries about incompatibility or not knowing some well enough, there's no indication that folks who wait for marriage are substantially worse off in any measurable way than folks who don't. And they do, indeed, get married.

And if this were really the liberal idea of heaven: "Just be sure you know how to give a good blow job", I'd be a lot more likely to be liberal.

Unfortunately, the liberal idea of heaven has tended to be Soviet Russia and the gulag, Mao's China and the state-sponsored murder-through-slavery of almost twenty-five million Chinese (and don't forget mandatory state-funded abortion--that gets liberals hot), Castro's Cuba and North Korea. Although, I suppose it's still important to know to how to give a blowjob before you die from untreated AIDS in Castro's concentration camps. And that's the best healthcare in the world, according to the left.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

I think this is one case where the interests of the Feminists and Men, er, intersect.

One of the goals of feminism is to take women out of their role as mothers and wives. I would argue that to do that feminists have attempted to make all women whores and to make whorehood acceptable.

Now a lot of men like that... But it is pure coincidence! LOL

11:24 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

But, to clarify:

I'm not saying giving fellatio=being a whore.

More than anything else, I'm amazed that USA Weekend would have such a column, offering such advice, in a Sunday paper insert which goes to places like Marion, Indiana.

The absolute nerve of liberals! They absolutely think they should be able to peddle their insipid ideas everywhere!

3:32 PM  
Blogger Mark Wayne said...

Ok where was this stuff when I was a teenager ???
Born too soon I guess

8:23 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

If you can't keep a man interested in you enough to wait for marriage to indulge in sex, then he doesn't reallly love you anyway and is only using you for sex, and chances are good that once he gets it he won't marry you anyway, so pacifying him to "keep him interested" very rarely works. If young girls had more self-esteem they would realize this.

It's criminal what these asshats are doing, Walker. I agree with you 100%!

10:09 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

One more thing... it is indeed a centuries long effort by men, as Kevinwillis said, however the woman's movement certainly is endorsing it, and Bill Clinton did nothing but make it even more popular with many who are weak.

10:12 AM  
Blogger jgf said...

I nearly left a comment several times, but was speechless. So, ditto to you and Gayle.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Dagromm said...

Yeah, I never would have wanted a BJ if it wasn't for Clinton, and I never would have wanted to take away Iraq's WMD if it wasn't for Bush. I think that anyone who openly uses the term "liberals" is small minded and doesn't realize how much they are being controlled by the media. Nobody seems to know where these legions of "liberals" are or where they headquarter out of, but boy are they a threat. They look just like you and me and everyone of them wants to change everything for the worse. I think it's become a real crutch to label anyone who has a differing opiion a liberal, and then lump them in with others who might not think anything like them, but have also had an opion that differs from yours.
I'm enjoying your blog.
Good work.

1:07 PM  

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