Thursday, April 27, 2006

German Sturgeon

Another photo from my genealogy search for my heritage scrapbook. This is a photo of my Danuschwabian ancestors with a 72-pound Sturgeon from Lake Pokegema at Pine City, Minnesota. This must have been 1918 or 1919, judging from my grandfather's age. I don't imagine many more big sturgeon came out of that lake. That one was a dinosaur. Poor fella. Just like a girl to feel sorry for the fish, eh?

The fellow on the far left, Al (my grandfather) caught the fish and his uncle Mike, next to him, jumped out of the boat and rode the fish in! They are mighty proud of themselves.

Cleaning up the Muslim mess even then

At the far right is Nick one of the original Danuschwabians, born in Germany Hungary, his family followed the call of the Hapsburg Emperor to settle the Danube regions raped by the Muslim Turks for 150 years. The Muslims left nothing but chaos when they were finally driven back. There was no farm land, no government, no civilization.

But the Germans fixed it. The Hapsburgs gave them just what they needed: Autonomy, low taxes, and free land. Nick's family lived there 200 years from 1700 to 1907.

The Donauschwabians tamed the land, drained the swamps, put in grape vines, started the silk industry, created farm land, and bred prize farm animals. Until the Communists came after World War II and destroyed everything, pushed them out of their lands, put them in prison camps. Because that is what Communists do. Has there ever, ever, ever, been a communist or a socialist that didn't destroy everything?


Blogger Gayle said...

"Has there ever, ever, ever, been a communist or a socialist that didn't destroy everything?" Nope!

Wow, WoodsWalk, that's some fish! I love old pictures like that. Neither have I ever heard of "Danuschwabians". I learn something almost every day by visiting other people's blogs. Interesting post. :)

10:39 AM  

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