Monday, September 18, 2006

Reminder to liberals regarding the Pope

(Image from the Great Blog of Conservative UAW Guy)

I'd just like to remind liberals, once again, about tolerance. Tolerance is something the LISTENER does, not something the speaker does. So if you don't like what the fellow is saying, you simply ignore the speaker, reassert his right to say it, and go one about your business.

If you wish to respond to the speaker, you can, but remember, your comment should fall within the bounds of another convention liberals don't know a damn thing about: Courtesy.

Check: Liberals and Muslims don't know a damn thing about tolerance and courtesy.

What tolerance is not: It is not tolerant to insist that someone change his view so that they are more palatable to YOU. See, that is INtolerance. The opposite of tolerance.

Muslims, for example, are intolerant. For evidence, see everything.

But I am tolerant because I don't care what Muslims say. Unless, of course, they back their words up with actions and then I think we should nuke the bastards and send them swiftly to Jesus who will condemn their Mohammeden arses to hell.

Now that is tolerance. Lesson over.

PS... Hell: A place without Jesus, filled with liberals and muslims. Forget the eternal fires. Imagine having to be in a place filled with liberals and Muslims. Wait a minute! Wouldn't that be New York City?


Blogger Pamela said...

I wish he hadn't apologized.

12:27 AM  
Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

thanks for the linky!

Great post, too!!!

Heh. New York City.
That's a hot one.

10:31 AM  
Blogger said...

Until we stop apologizing and start being belligerent, radical Islam will continue it's cancerous growth with the tolerance (and often smiling indulgence) of the folks liberals want to call "mainstream" or "moderate" muslims.

And it's hard. I actually do prefer the liberal way of compromise and cooperation. Except when the person you're trying to compromise with starts the compromise with: "First, you and your family must die." And the folks you want to cooperate with cut off your head and videotape so their news networks can show the great work they're doing in "converting" the infidel. Compromise and cooperation, no matter how desirable, are actually negative impulses in those situations.

So-called "moderate" Islam is unlikely to change. Leftists and modern liberals aren't going to change (although a few old school liberals do see radical Islam for exactly what it is, and they will be very valuable in years ahead in talking sense to those liberals that can have their eyes opened on at least one or two issues) . . . so it's going to be folks like us working to wake-up the folks who aren't paying close attention that will, in the long run, turn the tide.

And the day a nuclear bomb goes off in America. Or a missile hits. Hope that doesn't happen. It's why I'm making sure to show up and vote against Democrats in November.

10:32 AM  

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