Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Arrest Lara Logan

We managed to get through about five minutes of the KatieNews last night but we turned the channel just about the time Mark Wayne started wondering -- loudly -- why it was that Lara Logan was allowed to betray this country.

He has a point. News babe Lara Logan goes off and plays footsie with the Taliban and.. er... why? To prove she can?

It seems to me Lara Logan is a traitor and she belongs in jail awaiting her death penalty treason trial. That's the only headline I see coming out of KatieNews.

And that was followed by Tom Friedman. So it's the same old thing -- we didn't think otherwise, of course. The news according to the New York Times.

We'll be watching Limbaugh's segment Thursday, but Rush is the ONLY one that could bring us back to network news.


Blogger Pamela said...

no news ... TV off last night

10:23 AM  

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