Monday, September 18, 2006

A test of Rosie's thesis

Rosie O'Donnell says Christian fundamentalists are just a dangerous as Muslims!

To test this thesis, I propose that Madonna mock Mohammed as she is mocking Christ on a cross in her new concert.

Let's see who kills her first.

But, you know, this is funny because we know the Muslims will go after her, but, why not a Christian? Maybe if Christians start lopping off heads, we'll get the liberals on our side.

Just a thought.

PS I never actually saw Madonna's face until this cross thing came up and now I am astonished at how ugly the woman is. Sheesh.


Blogger Fish said...

Hey, if Christians start lopping off heads, maybe Rosie could get herself on the list of lopees.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I prefer soft toilet paper.

12:24 AM  
Blogger said...

I, for one, think Madonna is still pretty cute. I sure wouldn't call her ugly. Physically.

Her politics, however . . . well, they're mostly just incredible stupid and largely pro-terrorist, like most of the left.

But even if Madonna wanted to mock Mohammed in a concert, it's unlikely her handlers wouldn't do everything short of killing themselves to talk her out of it, the venue would probably cancel the performance, the network would probably cancel the show. They'd all work in concert to avoid offending the most backwards, violent, murderous human debris to ever pollute the planet . . . and, if she managed to do it, she'd immediately be attacked by liberals as having finally "gone too far" or having "lost her mind".

On the other hand, I think Rosie is going to do a lot of damage to The View. Milqutoast middle-of-the-road moderate and apolitical women and liberal Christians may not be the most thoughtful folks, but they don't tune in to talk shows to hear angry overweight lesbians call conservatives Nazis and compare Christians to Islamofascists. And when the audience all clapped for Rosie's insanity, I'll bet you dollars to donuts they lost a rating point or two right there. Just wait. With the exception of the evening news, ratings are still king, and if the drop a million viewers on The View (and while the other liberals involved in the show may be sympathetic with Rosie's opinion, many of them will be unhappy she's sharing such opinions on their show), Rosie's gonna get the axe. But The View will have already become that show with the fat angry lesbian who hates everybody.

Rosie really needs a makeover, ala Ellen Degeneres, who apparently realized that arrogantly lecturing people about how backwards and stupid they are wasn't good for her career. Rosie still hasn't gotten that memo.

10:23 AM  

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