Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What better place to be paranoid than a blog?

Amazon has recently been unable to tell what kind of books I would be interested in. Here, they tell me of this great book by Barry Lind because, hey, I bought something by David Horowitz.

This doesn't follow.

Note, however, that they have Barry Lind's politics down precisely. He's the most famous atheist in America and Amazon knows it. No one should call the man "reverend." It's a joke.

You know, I looked over my old Amazon emails and it seems, Amazon COULD tell what my political, reading preferences were in 2005. But in 2006, they seem to be baffled.

Granted, I did buy "Crunchy Cons", which is a liberal book by a liberal masquerading as a conservative. His masquerade did NOT fool Amazon! They followed up with suggestions for anti-Bush materials.

But this recent inability of Amazon to utterly fail to know my politics. Seems strange. Seems calculated. But I'm getting paranoid.


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