Monday, November 27, 2006

Racists everywhere and all of them are liberals

The daughter of one of my inlaws recently posted an email to the family in which she lamented the presence of evil white men and the regrettable life of women, in general, and black women in particular.

Nevermind that she is white, and all of the men, save one, on that particular board are white men, and all of the women, without exception, are white but not all of them are in terrible straits.

Now, it happens that this troubled young girl posted this email just about the time that Seinfeld's Kramer went off on an allegedly racist rant.

It got me to thinking. What white man in his right mind would, in 2006, ever, ever say anything negative about a black person in public? Nevermind the use of the word "nigger" -- what white man would say anything bad about a black person in public for any reason? It just doesn't happen.

So why did Kramer think it was okay to do it?

Because he's a liberal and he thinks it is obvious to everyone that he is therefore not a racist.

Like all liberals, everything he says has an invisible asterisk at the end. Just like my inlaw who says all white men are evil.*

*Except her liberal white male father, of course, and all the liberal white males who are the exception to this statement. And, of course, she is an exception to every invective hurled against whites not just because she is a woman but also because ISN'T IT OBVIOUS? She is a liberal and liberals can't be racist.

This is why OJ Simpson rocked liberals to the core and was responsible for the last truly liberal thought I ever had. Because, isn't it obvious? He murdered his liberal wife and she deserved justice because she was liberal. It wasn't like she was Michelle Malkin, for God's sake. NICOLE WASN'T A RACIST AND SHE DESERVED JUSTICE!

But, interestingly, I noticed that the blacks on that jury didn't care what Nicole believed or who she was. Like all racists, the blacks on that jury were looking at skin. They were going to save black skin.

Bulletin white folks: Your fine white liberal sensibilities won't help you; won't rescue you. Better watch what you say. Better make sure you don't let yourself get in the hands of blacks on a jury. Better not think you are safe on a stage.

It occurs to me that if you look around the world today you'll see lots of racists, but all of them in the public eye are liberals. And most of them are black.

White racism is damn near unheard of. So rare that one silly comedian with too much liberal confidence can make the news as a racist. And, of course, it is killing him. He spent his life being liberal and now, in just one moment, his skin condemned him. Bad white man. Not liberal enough. There's a racist in there somewhere.


Blogger Fish-2 said...

With the exception of Kramer, every racist statement I've heard for years has come from blacks. I worked with a young black man for a few years - very liberal - thought NPR was the height of good broadcasting, and about every second comment was against "whitie". I could never convince him his statements were racist because he considered only whites as racist. Hard to understand that kind of thinking.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

You nailed it. Liberals are very color conscious - unlike conservatives who are character conscious.

10:39 PM  

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