Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kevin Willis was wrong!

Okay, Kevin Willis is RARELY WRONG but he was wrong on this one.

In regards to the Winkler trial, Kevin opined in the 'comments' section: For her sake, I hope she has pictures. Pictures are worth a zillion words, and if she has some record of physical abuse, it'll be a lot more likely to sway the jury than to say "he was mean".

But, judging from the Voluntary Manslaughter verdict, that's all it took. Pout. He was being mean to me so I killed him. Pout. I ask you: Who the hell was being abused in that relationship, the woman or the dead guy?


I hereby declare this blog a SYMPATHY FREE ZONE for 'abused women.' Don't come to this blog and apologize for 'abused women.'

What 'abused women' with 'controlling' husbands need, is to grow the f*k up and take control of their own lives. I think if you want to help an abused woman, treat her with a healthy dose of contempt.

-- By Walker


Blogger Pamela said...

University of Washington two weeks ago.

Woman left the guy...
Filed restraining orders
did all the brave stuff.

He showed up at her work and dragged her down the stairwell by the hair with her screaming for help

Then, when the security guards got there he shot her dead.

1:23 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

WOW. Do you figure the shooter is going to jail or is he going to say he was abused and get off scott free?

That 'poor poor pitiful me' I was abused argument doesn't work so well for men wielding guns.

But it works fine for women with guns. You know Winkler shot her husband IN THE BACK.

8:46 AM  
Blogger said...

My prognostication is wrong often enough. We are incapable of predicting the future (Al Gore included).

I didn't think the Republicans were going to lose the house and the senate, and I was clearly wrong about that. But I really didn't think the abhorrent treatment of the military by the Democrats--irrespective of the popularity of the Iraq war--wouldn't cost them. I voted against two Democrats I kinda liked, just because the party as a whole is so anti-military. Spitting on our soldiers apparently plays better with the electorate than I thought, or is not sufficiently motivating to the Republican base.

On the other hand, logic and history should have told me to side with Mary Winkler getting off with a slap on the wrist. Women killing men for a variety of reasons is as cool and acceptable in modern American and Western culture is honor killing of wives and daughters is in middle-eastern culture. There are numerous court cases where the women get off for what was essentially cold-blooded murder. Almost never is the guy shot in the midst of attacking her--often the guy is shot in his sleep. In the back of the head.

Unfortunately, in most real abuse cases, the abusee is in an abusive relationship because they can be abused, largely with impunity, and so end up dead.

What about Mary Winkler's huge debt and check kiting? It sounds like, whatever was wrong with their relationship, she was up to something.

At least, unlike most violent criminals routinely released by our criminal justice system, she is (statistically) unlikely to kill again. That's not a prediction, just a statistical observation. Where as most violent gang-related or drug offenders are very likely to rob, assault, rape, and kill again (or move up to killin' after the assaultin' and rapin').

12:03 PM  

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