Monday, April 16, 2007

No Jesus in Democrat Easter Message

Is anyone surprised that the anti-Jesus Democrats wished us all a happy liberal bunny day as an Easter Message?

No mention of Jesus. No mention of the resurrection. Those are bad words to the Democrat National Committee.

But, in the defense of the Democrats, there are so few Christians left in the Democrat party, maybe they just don't know that Jesus is more than a swear word.


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Blogger said...

They didn't get an Imam to bless the Democrats and condemn the Great Satan? They are really falling down on the job. I'm very disappointed that they showed that sort of insensitivity to Muslim-Americans.

Also, why didn't they have Richard Dawkins show up and compare belief in God to believing in a Great Spaghetti Monster? And compare the Christian God to a spoiled child, and compare Christians to Nazis and imbeciles? I mean, come on. The Democrats need to start hating Christians and America like they mean it.

BTW, anyone else wonder if maybe the latest college shooting featured a non-Christian shooter? Because I have a hard time believing that if this guy was a white middle-class WASP that we wouldn't have heard about it a dozen times by now. "Oh, yes, everybody knew he was a white Christian with heterosexual parents!"

When it's another ethnicity, or especially a Muslim or suspected Muslim, there is almost always a surprising vacuum of information regarding the perp. Until we are reassured it was not a hate crime and have _nothing_ to do with Islam or terrorism. Nothing! He just happened to be shouting Allah Akbar and Death to America while running down students in his SUV. Another issue, but still . . .

10:21 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

Yeah I'm with you there. When I heard the shooter was "asian" I was thinking....which version of asian are we talking about here? Is he muslim? Well come to think of it, we still don't know what his religion is which only guarantees, as you point out Kevin, that he isn't Christian.

Same vaccuum in reporting when it came to the dog food thing. So... were muslims involved in poisoning the dog food? Does anyone think you would know they were if the info had to come from Canada?

4:12 PM  

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