Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lord Obama's new theology

When the Messiah OprahOsamaObama was speaking at the Alfred E Smith dinner he said, in a serious moment, that 'According to scripture, God creates for us works of service."

I've been wondering since then exactly what scripture that is. I've been pretty sure it wasn't the Bible but just to be sure, I decided to consult the eminent theologian Dr. White who is a SubtleOakFlavor contributor on matters of theology.

This is what the eminent Dr. White wrote:

It is nowhere in the Bible. He is either making it up or, most likely, following someone's (Jeremiah Wright) interpretation of one or more passages of Scripture"

According to Dr. White, Ephesians 4:11 asserts that that God has equipped certain individuals as apostles, evangelists pastors and teachers, but that passage is talking about the ministry of the church and building up believers, not about holding hands with welfare cases.

"Though social service is a vital part of the Chuch's ministry," Dr. White says, "it cannot be reduced to that, as liberal Christians and theologians are wont to do."

In other words, what would Jesus do? One thing is for sure He wouldn't be worshipping the poor and pretending indolence, sloth, and every manner of behavior offensive to him can be cured by a new house with a free mortgage. No sir, God did not give every believer works of service to the Democrat party.


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