Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rick Moran At Right Wing Nut House Explains How Everything We Do Is Racist

And he's right. It's very long (Walker will say he needs an editor, and she's probably right), but it's worth a read.

Boy oh boy. If we white folks think we're racist now, just wait until we've had four years of Obama.

Some days, I don't think our country is all that far away from having separate water fountains for us white crackers, so noble African-Americans don't have to sully themselves by drinking from the same spigot as congenital racists.

I guess I'm as paranoid as Walker.

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Blogger Walker said...

The shorter a piece, the more people it reaches, and the more powerful it is. It also forces the writer to choose one point. :-)

Hey, Rick is right on. I say speak the truth.

You notice that John Lewis had zero fear that white would rise up and riot against him because of his toxic language. His language is the kind of toxic language we ought to be pissed off about.

9:22 AM  

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