Monday, October 27, 2008

When farmers must become field hands

Imagine: Obama has the news media, the entertainment media, the Univeristies, the unions and the schools.... with all of that relentless propaganda, he STILL can only get just under 50 percent of the population.

That is how hard it is to impose "change" on a population.

We don't know what this change is. If change means spreading your money around to other people, then perhaps Obama is indeed a Marxist/Islamicist plant.

If the pattern follows, when Obama does get elected he'll begin making his agenda known. When farmers don't want to become field hands, when business owners don't want to become bureaucrats, then he'll have to resort to what every other Marxist has had to go to: Force.

If it comes to that, it won't be easy. We're still armed.


Blogger Junebug said...

When people talk about change, I don't think they realize what that change will be. I want to comment on their blogs about that but don't think it would make a difference.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man wants to change our whole form of government, to include the justice department, the supreme court and the make up of the classes. He will decide if you're making too much money!

Steve D

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But radical turns to the left are hard, and can hurt you politically (ask Bill Clinton about 1994). Yeah, he's almost certainly a sixties radical, but if he trots out his Marxism in a big way, he's gonna lost support of a lot of blue dogs in the house, a few senators who hear from their constituents, and a crucial 10% of voters who just "never believed" that those "crazy right wingers" could have been right about what Obama planned to do.

It's not impossible that he will govern as a pragmatist (not likely, but not impossible), in a sort of Bill Clinton mode, so as not to immediately alienate the crucial portion of the electorate that he got to vote for them, and work his magical '60s radical magic where he can do the most damage without looking like he's doing anything radically leftist at all. He will populate the courts and the federal bureaucracy with radicals. William Ayers won't be given a government position. But everybody in William Ayers rolodex will. The most liberal state judges will be elevated to the federal circuit, the CIA and FBI and the Pentagon--already infested with lefties--will be saturated. All the time, Obama may govern with a liberal-lite strategy that leaves his biggest lefty supported disappointed, but keeps the left-of-center and "moderates" firmly in his camp.

The reason I think he may govern like that is because (a) I don't believe the lesson of 1994 is lost on him. He doesn't want to have 2 years as president omnipotent, and then suddenly face a Republican house and senate in 2010. Which, if he unveils his new plan for nationalizing private business and re-establishing the Fairness Doctrine, is what will happen. 8 years of a moderate, pragmatic, charismatic Obama will give him the opportunity to stack all the courts at every level, including the supreme court, with Marxists and radicals, as well as pack every federal bureaucracy and GSE with liberal cronies.

(b) is how he has run his campaign. He's smart enough to know he can't run as a Marxist or a Chicago thug and hope to win the Whitehouse. He's been all hope and change and good times, because he knows if he put reparations in his campaign platform, he'd lose. I think he may govern with that in mind, too, wanting a full eight years to Democrat "advise-and-consent" to rubber stamp every radical communist he wants to put in every position of government. So, while he won't look as bad as conservatives generally fear, he will end up being much, much worse.

I think there are short term goals, but this is a long term strategy. Real lefty ideologues in the Bill Ayers mode have learned to think in very, very long terms. While throw the frog in boiling water, when he'll just jump out? Put him in cold water and slow turn up the heat until he's boiled.

I hope I'm wrong, or that the house and senate Democrats get too drunk with power to let Obama reign them in, and they start with taxing everything that moves and nationalizing 401ks and sending billions to ACORN and bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. Given the records of folks like Pelosi and Reid and Frank and Rangel, this is pretty likely. So if the grand Obama strategy is what I expect, the democrats in the house and senate may still screw the pooch, and get the big boot in 2010.

But I'm not counting on it.

9:43 PM  

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