Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just wondering what you all think...?

Can you impose a government monopoly (socialism) on a fully wired country?

Wouldn't you have to first have control over the internet? I don't know if that it is even possible to truly control the internet. China attempts to do this with politics and that is at least superficially possible so long as Google complies for searches.


Anonymous kevin s. willis said...

It's not a direct imposition, it's being couched in terms of bail outs and "too big to fail" and helping the American workers and returning the investment of the bailouts to the tax payers (um, don't hold your breath).

China has problems, in that they want the benefits of being a modern, technological nation while retaining a form of central planning and eschewing democracy. But it's very hard. It'll be much harder for America to go full-on socialist, given what is available.

Of course, exit polls demonstrate the voters who put Obama over the top were not paying close enough attention to have any idea what his policies would be or what he might actually do, when elected, so keeping those folks in the dark isn't going to be that hard.

But, FDR was all for full-on socialism, and had lots of folks on the Soviet payroll in his cabinet. He was stymied in his most egregious plans. I expect we will survive this, as well.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Junebug said...

North Korea has no problem with the stinkin' internets!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media was complicit in the hoodwinking of the electorate, those smart enough to go elsewhere for information weren't fooled however. You can go to the bank on the fact that he will attempt to change the constitution, he's not satisfied with it, as heard in his radio interview from several years ago on a Chicago radio station. The change will take several years but with the aid of the media, he will probably nominate 4 justices in his first term and with the demoncrat control of the house and senate, he should have no obstacles.

Steve D

8:43 PM  

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