Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Guaranteed to Win in 2012

Just FYI. I explain on my blog here.

Hint: History is against us, and increasingly more dense and more populated (and more dependent) urban areas are turning formerly red states blue. It's no coincidence that liberals argue so passionately against the evils of suburban sprawl. The more tightly packed the big cities are, the more votes Democrats get.

And when liberal policies fail, the lefties abandon those blue states to populate the big cities that haven't yet succumbed the liberal plague, mostly in red states. Thus, the big population centers start turning those states blue, but the abandoned states--despite the daily evidence of the failure of liberalism all around them--remain blue as well. At least, they have so far.

Republicans will need to their act together, if they hope to win in 2010 and beyond. And watering down conservatism is not the answer.


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