Thursday, November 06, 2008

We can be bought, but we ain't cheap

Has anyone yet stated the obvious.... that Barack Hussein Obama's poll rigging organization ACORN stuffed the ballot boxes with so many phony votes in big cities, that he has singlehandedly set the record for election fixing? I don't suppose there will be an investigation.

Indiana was a prime example. On the Huffington Post the day before, they were saying BE SURE not to worry about Indiana until Gary got counted. This was no doubt because of the enthusiasm of Gary's large black population for a bigger welfare check part of the American dream. Or, it could have been obvious to everyone that entire cemeteries in Gary were about to empty out.

One thing I am kind of happy about: It took hundreds of millions of dollars, a professional voter fraud organization, and black skin to give this dishonest brat just an edge for the presidency. It ain't cheap to defraud Americans. As Barack demonstrates, it can be done. But you have got to be ready to pay.


Blogger Junebug said...

It did take hundreds of millions of dollars and Obama was a professional at working with ACORN. This was his livelihood. He was the perfect candidate.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Walker said...


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Blogger Kevin S. Willis said...

Voter fraud is a minor concern. Except in states like Florida in 2000, it isn't going to turn the vote in a national election. The trends of history (look at how long each party occupies the Whitehouse--one party in the Whitehouse for more than 8 years requires an FDR or a Ronald Reagan, and John McCain was no Ronald Reagan) and John McCain's anemic campaign insured Obama's victory.

Voter fraud is much more dangerous in local elections and in mid-terms, where it can really make a difference. Even then, as Tom Daschle found out while trying to stuff all the ballot boxes on in the Indian reservations, it won't necessarily win you an election if voter sentiment is sufficiently opposed.

More problematic in the Obama campaign was not ACORN, but Obama's own highly fraudulent campaign financing. It looks like he took tens-of-millions of dollars from laundered overseas donors, and fraudulently acquired tens-of-millions more by disabling security settings on his donation website and allowing folks to plug in thousands of stolen credit card numbers. This is not a minor thing. But I'm afraid it's never going to get serious attention. After all, whose going to be in charge of the Justice Department in January? Democrat Attorney generals don't look into Democrats. Republican Attorney general try to skewer Republicans. That's just how it works.

Oh, and don't forget, Bill Clinton fired all the federal attorneys when he assumed office, to stop multiple investigations into him and his cronies. Expect Obama to do the same thing. And nothing will come of that, even though there were investigations into the firings of a few assorted Federal prosecutors when Bush, instead of cleaning house, just tried to get rid of the bums who wouldn't investigate voter fraud. See a pattern? I do.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Kevin! Very insightful indeed.

Steve D

10:19 AM  

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