Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obese poor people ruin hunger initiative contributions


Anonymous Kevin's Nutritional Supplements said...

Brilliant! It's always great for economically depressed areas to block businesses from coming in. That'll really help the poor in those communities to avoid having to get jobs, and also prevent all that tax revenue created by new businesses coming into an area. Reminds me of Chicago fighting so hard to keep the evil Wal-Mart out of the city limits, where unemployment is high and folks from Chicago were so desperate for jobs that there were something like 5000 applications for 300 jobs--from Chicagoans, who would now have to drive out to the suburbs to get the jobs, because the Chicago city council wouldn't let them build a store within the city limits. Not to mention legislation to prevent big box stores from locating in economically depressed areas--gosh, why would you want huge employers with good health plans moving into economically downtrodden areas!

Liberals are so smart.

9:07 AM  

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