Friday, August 01, 2008

Here's what the Greens have planned for you

Yes, folks! It's back to the 1800s!

The greens want you to get started RIGHT NOW. Here's one of them stating the seldom-mentioned facts of what life will be like when there is no energy:

The future is the past.


Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

The article should have been titled: "I don't know how to buy a frickin' shirt." Seriously. Thanks to our modern, petroleum-based economy, if you spend a little time shopping--no more time than you'd spend with a tailor--you can find a shirt that has the perfect chest and neck size and arm length for you. I can usually find one for about ten bucks. If you spend a little more--might have to hit Sears, for example--then you can surely find a perfect fitting shirt without having to resort to a tailor. Something that our modern industrial society has made possible. So, let's kill it! Kill it!

I have no trouble with individuals being skillful. Sewing, carpentry, landscaping, brickwork, metalurgy . . . these are all useful skills, the ability to work with your hands and the joy in using your brain are gifts from God. But I'm still glad my radial arm saw has power when I turn it on! I'm glad that when I do a little work on the plumbing in the house, I don't have to worry about where the water pressure is going to come from.

But the greenies are nhilist-socialists who are, in essense, luddites--it's not about knowing how to mend your own clothes, it's about rejecting technology and progress in the name of nature. Or, more to the point, nature-without-man.

It's a mental disorder. That these people are lauded and feted for their strange lifestyle choices and irrational rantings tells me our collective mental world is much more polluted with garbage than the real world has ever been.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

And they are so shallow in their thinking about life without energy.

Here's a fellow who is worried about learning how to tailor his shirt.

Shouldn't he be wondering how to make thread and weave cloth? Shouldn't he be learning how to raise sheep and grow cotton? He'll have to learn that right after he runs down to the local creek for water in the morning and, does he think when he gets there it will be pristine and unpolluted? LOL

One word: India

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

You got that right. Pristine creeks, nature preserves, clean air: all products of the 1st world, and our opulence. We can afford it. India and China, who use a fraction of the energy we do, have oppressive polution problems. Yay, socialism! Produce hundres of times the pollution for a fraction of the output, and whose fault is it? The most productive, cleanest nation in world's fault, of course! America.

5:01 PM  

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