Friday, August 01, 2008

Poor baby! It's torture! Just torture!

New outcries of unjust treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo!

Read all about it!


A smuggled video showing a Canadian teen pretty upset that he left his cushy life in Canada, got tangled up with terrorists and landed in Guantanamo. He's really, really sad about what an idiot he is.

Well boo f*cking hoo. I'd be crying too.

But, I mean, is this the best they can do to cry torture? Hell the Canadian interrogator, whom we never even see, comforts the wimpy little kid: I know this is upsetting Omar, but I'm afraid you can't plot to kill people and expect to go back home and let your mammy spoon feed you any more.

This just shows you how ridiculous the left is. Hell... I have an idea. Let's let every prisoner who starts crying, get out of jail and live with a leftist!


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