Thursday, May 29, 2008

The cultural hubris of the welfare mafia

Consider for a moment the cultural hubris of the welfare mafia in this country that sets out to announce that girls in a polygamist sect are 'under age.' I'm not talking about the truth of the charge now
because there wasn't a damn bit of truth to it.

I'm talking about the ridiculous pretension that the United States of America has any sort of standard for 'under age' sex (or that anyone cares about polygamy.)

The 'child protective services' culture in this country presides over the most perverse, permissive culture of sexualized young children ever seen in Western Civilization, if it can still be called civilization. Indeed, the welfare mafia and its associated government enforcers make young motherhood a valid career choice for scared young girls -- so long as those girls DO NOT GET MARRIED.

If the girls do not get married, and remain the never-married mothers of out-of-wedlock offspring, they are offered all sorts of perks -- a free apartment, free food, medical care, spending money and FINALLY free education. There are a host of ridiculous programs out there that cater to the legion of unmarried knocked up girls -- Mentor Mothers comes to mind. This is a silly ass group that, among other things, has a prom for its moms. Oh I feel all warm and fuzzy. It is all up for grabs for any freaking 12-year-old who screws around and gets pregnant.

The problem doesn't appear to be about young girls having sex and becoming mothers. That's great! The problem isn't about polygamy. No one much cares about polygamists. After all, very few people today are monogamists.

No, the problem is about MARRIAGE. Young girls having sex is a-okay. Young girls having children is a-okay. Young girls getting married -- now we just can't have that.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mooning gargoyle -- Well I'll be!

When we were in England, we visited as many churches as we could fit in, which was not enough for me while being simultaneously too many for Mark!

I bought two gargoyle faces, one from York Minster, and one from the Tower of London -- both were face pullers. Gargoyles were often not pretty faces (and not always the winged demons either), but frequently the faces of local people whom the stone artists simply did not like.

Well... what got in the coffee of the stone mason at this church?

This extraordinary photo was taken by Robin Peel who noticed this gargoyle high on the tower of All Saints, Easton on the HIll, near Stamford.

This is a gargoyle MOONING the assemblage AND, since it appears to be a water spout, he is also, well, dumping on them. Hi Ho! Cheerio! What? Those Brits had fun even 1,000 years ago!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The social workers need to be in jail

The Texas appeals court threw out the ridiculous case the social worker mafia had against the polygamist sect.


No evidence. Not one freaking shred of evidence.

You could read the imbecilic news stories and see there was no evidence. Even though a bunch of halfwit kid reporters gullibly repeated incoherent nonsense like: The children had never worn modern clothes! Well hells bells, round up the Arabs and the Amish. They don't wear belly rings and tramp stamps either.

Indeed, the state of Texas welfare mafia was the first government entity in America to make modesty a crime.


Friday, May 16, 2008

One advantage of a cold, wet spring

We've only seen morels in our woods one time before, but we were delighted to see a big patch of them last weekend!

Stop raining! Please stop raining

I thought I might post some England photos if I ever get caught up with work. But right now all I'm thinking about is how we are living in one nasty mud puddle.

Above Dobro demonstrates his signature mudball look.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama wastes no time dispensing political favors!

Above, the May 5 Wall Street Journal with a postcard my teamster husband received the same day.

Jimmy Hoffa Jr is probably the only teamster who voted for Obama (well, okay, there are a handful of other gangsters and their koolaid drinkers who probably did).

But the sheer hubris of this quid pro quo just amazes me!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


OPERATION CHAOS: Report from the front lines

I, gag, voted for Hillary, gag, Clinton.

THEY MADE ME SAY I WAS A DEMOCRAT. AND they checked my ID. I thought Democrats didn't check voter IDs.

I noticed the lady behind me had to choke out the word 'Democrat' too.

Monday, May 05, 2008

What a welcome home

Good Lord just when I was happy to be home, I get a call from Hil. Say I bet you didn't know her phone number until now, eh? Stick with Woods Walker. You get all the news here.

So I guess Indiana is in play big time. I got two phone calls from Hillary this weekend. One from a "blocked" number. And one with Hillary's own private number. I never knew she lived in Marion Indiana.

Just wondering how Mark and I got on that list. Now, neither of us have voted Democrat in 15 or 20 years. And both of us are on all sorts of Republican lists and ZERO Democrat lists. So how is it that Hil has our number?

Oh, and by the way, Hil's campaign worker just wanted to know if we were voting Hillary! And, of course, we said YES!

See you at the polls.