Friday, March 31, 2006

If they ever say there is no media bias...

It's just about that great time of year when the television networks give us their annual program:

The annual Easter pageant of the THERE IS NO JESUS shows.

I don't know what program it will be this year but I'm betting it will have the usual suspects. One is Dominic Crossan.... a former priest and monk who just didn't get enough attention and is having a whiny, loud, 20-year atheistic hissy fit.

All these anti-Jesus shows portray Crossan as an independent scholar when nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm waiting for the MOHAMMED WAS AN ILLITERATE MORON show.

I'm not holding my breath.

Reuters and New York Times admit thousands of errors.

But that ain't news.

The newspapers think this is:

"Rice admits "thousands" of errors in Iraq"

Is she a traitor?

The answer is "yes" -- Jill Carroll is definitely a traitor. She worked for the Christian Science Monitor (this alone tells us a lot since that publication has been relentlessly anti-American for the last 45 years) passing information to that paper and our enemies. But this is legal treachery.

The question is did she cook up this abduction, complete with the murder of her bodyguard?

Two things we know: She gained weight in custody. She is going by an Arab name.

She is almost certainly just another American girl, taught relentlessly that American culture is bad and anything else is good; taught that Christianity is bad and anything else is good; taught that there is no right and wrong that everything is relative. In other words, utterly open to imprinting by a culture that still has a definition of right and wrong, good and bad -- however twisted.

This is why I think if you want to do profiling, you have to find out who the Democrats are and stop them all before they get on an airplane.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Northern mockingbird?

Looks like it to me... stripes on wings were very clear when he flew away.

A little something for the reading room

It's called The Aquariass. Really. Check it out at The Aquariass store. One can only hope that there is a short cut to flush the fish when they kick the can.

AND then there is this:


He has a point

Catholic League president Bill Donohue wonders in his latest press release if you've ever seen 500 Christian priests and ministers gather in a church and call for the execution of a man who abandoned Christianity.

Bud in the woods

Still no leaves, but pear and plum trees are going to like this sunny, warm spring day in Indiana!

I think the numbers are higher than this

Reuters article on how the Army is relaxing its tattoo rules:

"The Army cited a 2003 survey of 1,010 people conducted at the Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University that found that roughly 30 percent of U.S. adults under age 35 have tattoos, and that the U.S. post-baby boom generations are more than three times as likely as the baby boom generation to have tattoos."

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today's artist

Love this "found object" art.

John Borrero

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Can this man be saved?

This is from an acquaintance lawyer who is from the Helen Thomas school of politics: The war is about oil! Bush wants to make money! You know the drill.

Is there ANY WAY to talk sense to this man? What would you say to him?
I used to think Jello Biafra was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. In
light of the now-two memos that have surfaced showing that G.W. and
Tony Blair wanted war with Saddam Hussein regardless of the presence
of any WMD's, I am beginning to re-think that position. Check it

"Are you believing the morning papers? / War is coming back in
style / There's generals here, advisers there / And Russians
nibbling everywhere / The chessboard's filling up with red / We make
more profits when we blow off their heads

Economy is looking bad / Let's start another war / Fan the fires of
racist hatred / We want a total war

Drooling fingers, panic buttons / Playing with missiles like they're
toys / There's easy money, easy jobs / Especially when you build the
bombs / That blow big cities off the map / Just guess who profits
when we build `em back up

Yeah, what big Business wants Big Business gets / It wants a war /
Trilateral Commission goonies laugh / and scheme for more / Call the
Army! Call the Navy! / Stocked with kids from slums / If you can't
afford a slick attorney / We might make you a spy

Forget those demonstrations / Kids today sit on their ass / Just a
six-pack and they're happy / We're prepared for when ya get drafted."

That was written in 1978. I'm beginning to think he's some sort of

Maxine Price

Love her work.

Check it out

Chuck Ramirez

I know this guy from Back in The Day. Love him. But, Chuck... you've been working at HEB too long, dude. You are a little too hung up on grub.

Churck Ramirez art

Isn't it time for Fidel to die?

That murderous ass Fidel is still alive with his thumb on the neck of his failing country.

He's about 80 now and no one has managed to slip a fatal mickey into his orange juice, but I know God's got plans for him. heh heh.

Here's another one he's going to murder. All over internet access. THAT is the left for you. Their ideas can't stand the sunlight.

Starving for truth

Monday, March 27, 2006

Big old tree

Our favorite tree, frequently the perch for flocks of birds, most recently redwing blackbirds.

Why is that news?

Molly Henenberg, Fox News, leads her story:

Zacharias Moussaoui told the court he DELIBERATELY lied to investigators about Al Qaeda.


Don't let the left set the context

This is a reply by Kevin Willis on my immigration opinion. It's so good that I wanted to put it out front.

By Kevin Willis

The goal of securing the borders is not to "keep them damn Mexicans" out. That's what the Democrats, who want a new chattel they can force to vote for them, want you to think.

Building a wall and increasing border patrols and ending "catch and release" is not, at this point in history, about keeping Mexicans, or any immigrants, out of America.

It's about keeping illegal immigrants out of America. About requiring a set of standards to be met and, hopefully, a degree of documentation to be kept on the folks who come in the country. I can't leave this country without a passport. And can't go work somewhere without a visa to do so. Not because other countries want to to keep me out, but because part of perserving a secure and stable society, and certainly any hope we have of inculcation and Americanization, comes from a set of processes made possible via legal immigration.

Not much hope for making them learn English when they have to hide from the authorities and are "protected" from "persecution" be Democrats who are also busy trying to pass laws so they can vote.

More to the point, you can make it a lot harder. Nobody is fighting or funding the fight against tighter border security more than the Mexican government, because they see illegal immigration as a solution to many of their regional problems (population, no state services, the need for cash) and as a means to an end (the general of goal of Mexico to "legally" reclaim California by becoming the majority population and infilitrating (or supporting sympathizers who do) various offices in the California state and municipal governments.

Part of legal immigration is to make them go through a process that may help to acculturate them. Another part of it is to legitimize them, to themselves and others, so they can be proud of themselves and their citizenship, to reflect on why they came here instead of staying where they were, on the opportunity afforded by America, and so on . . . while not ideal, legal immigrants have a better shot at acculturation than illegals.

And the hurdles to legal immigration are not all that high. Making it harder for folks to be hear illegally can also help acculturation, because it demonstrates that our the government and people of our country take American citizenship and security seriously.

Acculturation is not helped when, for all practical purposes, we do not seem to see ourselves as having a distinct and valuable American culture, because we let anybody come over and work illegally because we don't value our own border or our own laws. If we don't see any difference in Mexico and America--other than perhaps how much money one can make as a farm laborer--why should they look at it any differently?

Nothing works in that freaking country

I have a little bit of personal experience on the immigration issue.

If Mark Wayne will indulge still another reminiscence, I once had an immigrant boyfriend. All he really wanted to do was go back to Mexico and build a house. I think eventually he did just that, but not until the Mexican government utterly gutted his savings.

See he wasn't a financial genius and he sent all his money back to a Mexican bank and put it in pesos. (I know.) Well, one year he went to Mexico and was going to put all his money into land. Better idea. At the time, the peso was set at a silly exchange rate: 12 pesos to the dollar. It's been a while.

One Saturday, he took half his money out of the bank and bought a piece of land in Mexico. The next day the peso was devalued to something like 200 pesos to the dollar and in one moment, half of Pete's money was gone. At least he had the land.

All the rich, evil, Mexicans never had their money in pesos but if they did, you can be sure they had it in dollars before that devaluation happened.

That's the thing.

Pete was sending his money back to this faithless, useless country where you have to bribe the mailman to get your mail (think about the effect of that on shipping); and where workers commonly don't get paid. I mean they have a job they go to day to day, and on pay day, they don't get paid. Think about that.

In our small business, and in every American business, payroll is SACRED. Well there are probably lots of laws going on there too. But who cares about that? Payroll is sacred.

NOTHING works in Mexico. Nothing is sacred. Man works for you and the man doesn't really expect to be paid.

That's why I say there ain't a wall or a law tall enough or strong enough to keep them out.

The only thing we can hope for is that somehow they won't change US. Somehow we have got to agree to make them speak English, work hard, and be honest. We have to find a way to instill our values in immigrants... and Democrats. The latter will be harder.

Maybe we can build a wall to keep Democrats out. That would be way more useful. I'll take every Mexican who can smuggle himself across the Rio Grande and I'll ship you a Democrat. Talk about a bad exchange rate. We'd have to put up a border wall muffle the whining coming out of that country. Imagine an entire country full of Democrats. It would be like ... you know... France.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dark spring skies

It didn't snow or rain but the skies were dark for a while.

We had a fun night singing karaoke with Mark Wayne's daughter and her boyfriend.

All I can say is the Sopranos better be good tonight. So far it SUCKS.

And I find Big Love disturbing.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Wanted: Housekeeper

I let my housekeeper go today.  Two reasons:

1. She is on welfare.
2. She is litigious.

Regarding point number 2.  She is moving out of a rent house and she constantly tells me she is suing her landlord for this or that.

I figure I'm next.  She slips and suddenly I have a lawsuit on my hands.

Point number 2 actually relates to point number 1.  You see, she has never in the last 20 years worked for anything she has. And she has a lot, thanks to taxpayers.

But she places no value on her landlord providing her with a nice place to live.

I place all the value on it. I'm on the landlord's side. This fellow, whoever he is, worked and made enough money to have a rent house.  Now he has an ungrateful, useless HUD recipient threatening to sue him.  

To her, this means nothing because she has no idea what it takes to work for something and no idea what it would be like to have someone useless gang up with the useless legal system and government to take it away.

I won't help her do it.

Dude, do you mind?

The birds and the bees, I mean milkweed bugs, in my woods last spring.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Snick Snoozing

How can you sleep holding your leg up?

Chica and the spring flowers

Walking in my woods this week.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hawk silhouette

August 2005. Utility pole in back of the house.

Sharing thistle

On the edge of my woods, two butterflies sharing a thistle.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GOOD Habitat

Habitat for Animals.

Coopers Hawk

Taken from my office window in September 2005. He's after the chipmunks running around outside.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Habitat for Humanity: Welfare for guilty, rich, white, liberals

Having voted for every conceivable social program, liberals -- and especially liberal Christians -- are facing a dilemma:

How do you show you love poor people when all you can do is vote for more spending?

A horrible problem.

Fortunately, some years ago a guilty white liberal came up with a solution. Habitat for Humanity!  Soon after, the poster boy for guilty white liberals, Jimmy Carter joined in. Now guilty white liberal Christians can get out and swing a hammer for poverty.  I'll hammer in the morning... I'll hammer in the evening... sing along.

Recently in my local paper, The Chronicle-Tribune of Marion, IN, I read about another of the lucky Habitat recipients.

As many know, Habitat for Humanity requires recipients of homes to work on the homes.  In the fascinating article of March 17, we read that one of the recipients is on disability, being too disabled by Lupus to work, but nonetheless not disabled enough to prevent her from working on her Habitat house.  Or perhaps, in this case, Habitat made an exception?  Or, perhaps, she became disabled by Lupus shortly after she got her new house.

She's taking an Indiana Wesleyan class! (Who paid for THAT do you think?) She has three out of wedlock children! (Who do you think fed them for the last 20 years?)

I'm glad you like your house lady, but I'M SICK OF SUPPORTING YOUR USELESS ASS.

I'M SICK OF LIBERAL NEWSPAPERS. I want some information:

I want to know how many Habitat recipients are on disability, ADC, or otherwise accepting HUD payments.  

I want to know what the default rate is.

I want to know what the state of the housing stock in Grant County is.

Habitat was started because there was allegedly a lack of low cost housing. Now that the government is using private housing sources to place HUD recipients, this isn't an issue (if, indeed, it ever was.)

Today, Habitat exists for one reason and one reason only: To give do gooders something to do.

Email from the anti-America crowd

Here's our president lying:

When he gave this speech, the NSA was, indeed, wire-tapping without warrants.

Now, I know Limbaugh and Hannity would say "well, Bill Clinton lied,

But, remember, when Bill Clinton lied, half this country wanted him
lynched. Why don't they feel the same way when Bush lies? And,
really, do two wrongs make a right?

Also, one might argue that the wire-taps were needed for national
security -- but that misses the point -- the point is: he LIED about
it. Shouldn't we hold him to the same standards we held Bill Clinton

For the moment, let's accept your premise that George Bush lied about wire taping Al Qaeda terrorists.

Bill Clinton lied -- under oath -- about having an intern service him in the oval office.

I'd say that pretty much sums up the two men and their terms.

One other thing, I hope you guys go around making this comparison now and throughout the election.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tech support victims

We have a small company and I do tech support.

There's a lot of pain between "I" and "support" and sometimes we don't get to support.

Today I got an email from a tech support victim who said she wasn't doing business with my company this year because she needed help and I was rude and I didn't care.

So, I'd like to offer some suggestions for dealing with tech support.

1. Don't assume the product doesn't work. 

Assume it does work.  If you assume otherwise, first I have to get past your whining and you become the problem. 

Note that YOU are being rude at this point but if you continue down this road, remember you aren't dealing with Microsoft.  I don't have a supervisor to hand you off to and if you keep it up, I'm going to cut my losses and move on.

I have as long as you need, if you want to cooperate and give me a break. If you don't want to cooperate, or you don't really want to know the answer to your question, or you just want to take out your frustration with your life on someone, DO NOT call me.

2. Be prepared to give me enough information.

I am not a freaking mind reader.  If you write me an email that says "I clicked on something and nothing happened," all I can say is nothing clicked in my brain. You want help you're going to have to put forth a tiny bit of effort.

Special note to you womyn
 One woman to another: Save the passive aggressive bullshit for your husband. I'm not married to you and I don't think you're oppressed. STATE the problem.  Don't talk around it.  Don't make me guess what it is. 

3. You bought your computer from Dell. If you don't know how to use it, CALL THEM.

It's not my responsibility to teach you how to navigate your hard drive, or use your mouse.

Tech Support

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's only political if it's pro-Bush

Lately I've been getting lessons on just what is political speech and what isn't.

My wife and I recently went on a very nice caribbean cruise, we scrimped and saved for two years to pay for it but I'm sure that had nothing to do with it as (former Democratic leader of the house) Dick Gephardt would say we were "the winners of lifes lottery."

Anyway, we met a delightful couple from Ottawa, Canada. Ana and Doug work for the Canadian government in the diplomatic corps. We got along famously, sharing the things that tourists do when they're touring, until the subject of politics came up. Ana told me that she absolutely forbade Doug and I to discuss politics as she knew we would argue, then she turned to my wife and said, "Of course you know Bush really is dangerous." hummm I guess that's not political?

After we had been home for a month or so I became aware that my rather large and far flung family had set up a website so that the brothers, sisters, cousins,etc. could stay in touch. I joined with enthusiam some of these folks I hadn't seen in years. Everyone had their own photo section where they posted pictures of their children, wives, friends -- old memories from when we were kids and got together all the time.

In one of the picture albums my cousin Andy (a lawyer) from Baton Rouge, had a picture of Charles Manson with a caption which read "my hero" right next to a picture of George W. Bush with a caption that read "my arch enemy." Once again any idiot would know that's not political.

In the messages were several comments like" wow great minds think alike"... "we must be related that's my hero and arch enemy too" and, my favorite, " they're basically the same person. They both have other people doing their killing for them."

Well dumb ole me I thought all this was political speech that invited comment. So I wrote a rather spirited defense of the president, pointed out how he had kept the war over there by being aggressive against the terrorists and how I was convinced that G W. Bush would go down in history as one of our greatest presidents ever. He's the best in my lifetime at any rate.

I was stunned by the reaction. The answer I got back was "you've really turned into a dumbass " followed by howls that "we need a moratorium" on all this politics. I guess I didn't know it was only political if it defends George Bush... hmmm you live and learn.

Never hire anyone on Welfare

Someone will probably say "But... do you want them to get OFF Welfare? If you do, you should hire them."


In my business, I've learned two things about hiring. The first is never to hire someone on Welfare.

What people don't realize is that Welfare Dumb Dumbs have it really easy -- so easy that they really don't have to work at all, and, when they do work, they undermine real workers.

I'll never forget the year I had a parttime Welfare worker working for me and a fulltime Real Worker. The Welfare woman was having a new Welfare baby at the exact time my Real Worker had her son in the hospital.

Welfare woman told her social worker she was just exhausted and had the vapors by the time she got to the hospital (which was 5 miles away) so the social worker arranged to get her a private room next to her baby for the week her baby was going to be in the hospital. Kind of like a room at the Hyatt only 20 times more expensive.

Meanwhile, Real Worker was driving an hour a night to a hospital in the next city to be with her son (covered by insurance.)

Real Worker had to get to work the next day and she was genuinely exhausted. Welfare Woman took the opportunity to tell us all about her private room. A subversive example in the office.

It only got worse when Welfare Woman used her "child care tax credits" refund to buy a new car. These credits are free money to Welfare people. Welfare people usually run up debt until they get their annual free money check. Then they either pay off the debt... or they buy a new car. Feh.

When that happened, I vowed never to have another Welfare Woman work for me. You are a fool if you hire them.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I wish I had an illegal alien working here

I'm an indifferent housekeeper but I like to have a clean house.  So every week I pay a lady $30 to $50 to clean my house and office.

Problem is they don't need the money. They are all on Welfare.

My latest one is a nice enough woman.  She and her four kids have been sucking government money for 20 years. She can't come to work because she is moving. She is fighting with her landlord... yadda yadda.  

If she had to pay the rent herself... If she had to come up with the deposit herself... she wouldn't be moving. I tell her I moved lots of times in my life but I always came to work.

My other one is a hard working woman whose grandkids are all on welfare. Those grandkids need constant shuffling.  The five-year-old is going to the dentist to get free caps on his teeth.  I'm not kidding. The kid is 5.   The grandma gets a grand a month for taking care of them.  The  Welfare mother works, but, fortunately for her, all her money is just spending money because they get free food, reduced rent, free medical.  On top of it all, the daddy lives with them! He collects disability for being nuts. Neither one of them drive. If grandma isn't available, they take Welfare taxis. I'm not kidding.

What the hell is going on with this country? And why can't I find one single illegal alien who needs the money to work for me?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Della Sentilles: Pro-Rape Feminist

Conservative UAW guy joins other bloggers in outing pro-rape feminist Della Sentilles who apparently thinks if you are Muslim, you should be able to rape unveiled women with impunity based on your culture and religion and she won't be trapped into criticism of it.

Sort of curious, though, that Google has no photos of this Della dame. This might be because she just a typical young dumbass.

She was very recently a college student who was struggling to be perfectly politically correct (and you can imagine how hard THAT is) and it even gets on HER nerves. Imagine constantly examining every freaking word that comes out of your mouth because someone, somewhere, at some future time, might be offended by it and accuse you of being some, you know, white, hetersexual. Which, of course, you are. Makes it even MORE scary. Shiver.

She thinks that if you agree to go on a date and if you are white, she can muster up the comfort level to say you shouldn't be raped and she is against it.

The sort of bold stand I'd say is typical of feminists. Oh. Bravo.

Dashboard widget

This is my first official post using the lovely and talented Blogger Dashboard widget for the Mac.  

Seems to work nicely.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two drunks take Tommy Castro hostage

It's a late Tuesday night at the Slippery Noodle, listening to Tommy Castro rock the joint, and Mark Wayne keeps referring to his daughter's new slight, dark, and monarchist boyfriend from Jordan as "Achmed". I tell him to cut that shit out. I tell her I rather like veils on women and some of my favorite people are monarchists. She isn't laughing when she says the boyfriend isn't a monarchist -- or an islamicist -- and she won't be wearing a veil and she doesn't want kids.

Later I tell Mark Wayne that she is beautiful and smart but if she marries the fellow, she might end up wearing a veil AND becoming muslim AND have kids (well, okay, THAT we would like). That's the problem with non-Muslim America and Middle Easterners. Middle Easterners don't assimilate and become Democrats in their youth and Republicans in middle age. When they marry a non-Muslim American, the non-Muslim converts and becomes a Muslim and a Middle Easterner and we just pray to Jesus they still live in Indianapolis and not Aman.

Mark Wayne pales. But it could be because he is drunk as hell and coming toward us is Tommy Castro. Suddenly Mark Wayne knows him personally and we hold the man hostage for a picture. We love Soul Shaker, Tommy! The Fabulous One neither has to become a Hoosier or conservative convert to be released but he probably has to tell us he loves us. Can't remember exactly. Another night in the Middle West.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The great Kevin Willis

I got an unexpected email from an old cyber political chum which reminds me of a great quote of his.

I've memorialized it on the right hand column.

Great to hear from you Kevin!

Divine New York Times

This book is by a New York Times reporter who has grown tired of presenting his opinions as fact day after day and has decided to present them as divine.

As one reviewer on Amazon wrote, "you don't have to know anything about catholic theology to understand this book." Actually, it's best if you know nothing about catholic theology, Christianity, Western civilization, or the history of the Western world.

All you really need to know are Democratic talking points.

Here are the words this idiot puts in the mouth of the Virgin Mary:

Butt F*cking is holy.
Abortion is a sacrament.
Who needs marriage?
If it feels good do it!

And, the ever popular, CONSERVATIVES ARE EVIL!

Of course, not many conservatives are writing about this book because, once they buy it, they are ashamed to admit it.

But I have no shame! This book is the most obvious and cynical Democratic political tool ever written and because of that, I'm not going to give the name or the author of the book.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The most incredible story isn't being told

The Oscar scene suggests to me that the Hollywood industry could be utterly bankrupted by a gent with a couple hundred million dollars and no political agenda.

It's astonishing that in a time of extraordinary change, when mainstream America is sending its sons and daughters to fight overseas, the movies reflect nothing but that most parochial sexual and political fixations of a spoiled elite.

Good God! Does anyone have a buck or two in the bank? Someone make a great war movie about the liberation of Afghanistan. It's an incredible STORY.

PBS had a series of interview with the special forces guys who went into Afghanistan after September 11. I couldn't find most of the great interviews online now... but some of the stories are there... THEY ARE UNBELIEVABLE STORIES. Check it out HERE.

It's just liberal politics that prevents this movie from being made.

My kind of Academy Awards

I watched the Dog Academy Awards and they were quite satisfying. I must say I admire how easily a prayer springs to Dog the Bounty Hunter's lips. He is in practice.

He and his crew are so strapped on, as they say, and Beth is so strapped up. They always expect trouble but they never find any. Dog tells them truth. The boys do the work. Except if a person is difficult. Then Dog calls them "partner" and you know they better not mess with him. Dog should quit smoking. Satisfying.

I flipped back to the pretender Academy three times.

Once, it had a fella doing a song about hard times for a pimp. I flipped back.

Once it had a cowboy saying that if that thing came over them again in the wrong place they would die. I flipped back to Dog.

Just goes to show you that you can get the same stuff with Dog as with Oscar except with Dog the good guys win in the end and Dog doesn't miss a chance to tell the drug addicts the truth. With Oscar, the pimps and drug addicts get dressed up, the ones with the most problems usually win, and no one ever tells the truth to anyone.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

"I do not understand." - Chica

Chica's docked tail

Chica's tail is amputated but I can't figure out a way to tell her that there was no choice. There was a great big tumor on your tail, Chica!

Word from Sally
She'll cope because she is a lovable varmint.

Advice from Kathy
My friend Kathy, the Internet wizard from Florida, advises me to just tell Chica she is really a cocker spaniel and the tail is being docked so she can embrace her roots. Also she advises me to use the word "docked" around Chica.... It does sound much more cosmetic than "amputate."

Chica... You are really a cocker spaniel.

She seems to be perking up.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Change for the worse

Click on the photo for a better look

This fancy caterpillar with the cool skirt and orange stripes becomes the plain jane Milkweed Tiger Moth -- a more boring creature you will never see. The moth is a small, white, unremarkable creature, but it puts on a big show early on. Reminds me of Joe Biden.

Sad Sparrow

My old dog, Chica, is at the vet today getting her tail docked. The groomer found a golf-ball size tumor on her tail. She's a shaggy old girl. Anyway, I invited her friends -- the Cook boys from down the street -- over to see her yesterday and we all went for a walk in the woods.

Seems like whenever I do not bring a camera, I always see something unusual. This time I saw a sparrow hanging off a branch of wild rose. On further inspection, the sparrow, which was still warm -- it must have just happened --, was hanging by its eye off a really large thorn. We were sorry to see that. I have a nice big flock of sparrow in my woods and they are like old friends.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brought to you in the public interest

There is a real public service commercial featuring a young woman on her way home one night. She is terrified in the parking lot. She is terrified in the hall of her apartment. She locks her door multiple times and when she finally settles in she has a piece of cake and a cigarette.


Right, the public service message is to tell you not to eat cake and smoke cigarettes. Apparently, being in constant fear for your safety is just a fact of life although I think the commercial would be much more effective if it just ended with a voice over: You CAN be safe again. Stop Voting for Democrats. Brought to you in the public interest by the Ad Council.