Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dog TV

No this isn't another Al Gore post.

This is Snick at my office window, which is pure dog television. He can stand there all day. If he's lucky he sees a rabbit. But the usual fare involves birds, chipmunks and invaders in the corn field across the street. The latter sometimes creates reality dog television and Snick runs outside full speed to chase away the evil doers.

WHO is Al Gore anyway?

Mark Wayne wonders why Gore is being quoted so much lately.

"I don't see the media quoting everything Walter Mondale says. They don't quote everything Dan Quale says," Mark Wayne points out. "They're vice presidents, too. So who the heck is Al Gore?"

They don't quote everything George Bush the elder says. And HE really is someone.

To me, Gore just seems one card short of a full deck. He just seems daft. I actually admire his sorority wife for staying with him as he trudges through the leftist activist world with that deer-in-the-headlights look.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Two hummingbirds

From my office window.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Look! Some catholics!

Who knew there were still some Catholics left?

Click here: We need more of this

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Someone can still be embarrassed

From the Daily Mail
The show ended - rather abruptly - with no encore and with the lights immediately going on, leaving us all looking at one another in a slightly embarrassed fashion, as though we'd just been caught doing something we shouldn't have been.

I agree Madonna is embarrassing, but I'm amazed that anyone else sees it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pat Buchanan is blaming the wrong institution

Of course, I agree with Pat Buchanan in his piece "Whose God can we mock?" -- Yeah, Catholicism is fair game. Duh. Old bad news.

But he was wrong with his conclusion about the DaVinci Code and about the culture generally: "But that it will be a box-office smash, that it is the subject of lavish praise in the press, that it is the best-selling novel of the 21st century, tells us we live not just in a post-Christian era, but in an anti-Catholic culture not worth defending or saving, for it is truly satanic."

DaVinci code was not praised by the critics (they wanted to but the premise and the book it was based on are just nonsense), but more importantly Satan is not responsible for anti-Catholicism.

CATHOLICS ARE RESPONSIBLE. In particular, the leaders of the church.

Do you realize that in the 1950s, Church cardinals had their own mainstream television shows? The Church owned the movies. It alone decided what was acceptable fare for public viewing.

And then The Roman Catholic Church surrendered its authority on every level. It's as if in 1963 during Vatican 2, the church princes got together and said: Now how can we destroy the church? And every single step the church has taken since then has systematically undermined its authority and membership.

The culture isn't what is satanic today,Pat. The Roman Catholic Church, to paraphrase Paul VI, is filled with the smoke of Satan.

Sopranos is ending: There is a God

This whole tedious Sopranos fixation on a gay mobster ... I'm glad the character is as dead as this stupid show.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Watch that last step -- it's a doozie!

From Felbie and Rama's World, They managed to catch a bold, if reckless, falcon chick!

Check out more of Felbie and Rama's Falcomix!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why did the crowd call for Barabbas?

Barbara Nicolosi, a Catholic theater critic and supposed screenwriter (though there is no real evidence of that), makes an interesting observation that people will still flock to see Da Vinci Code, eventhough it is banal and boring:

Banality is the mark of Satan's handiwork. He is incapable of contact with the beautiful. It is repugnant to him as are all of the hallmarks of the Divine.

It is necessary for the rejection of Christ in this generation, that they swarm to this movie knowing it is blasphemy AND banal. The crowds didn't scream for Barabbas because he was more charming and good than Christ!

Falcons growing up

On the ledge of a building on the circle in downtown Indianapolis, the peregrin falcon chicks are getting feathered in pretty well. I notice they are standing at the ledge of the building and looking out of the nest.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Christians are stupid

You know nearly all my inlaws are Christians -- 'cept for the Baton Rouge lawyer -- and I mean good Christians, and yet they are also committed leftists. It's like they don't see that the left has a campaign against Christians.

Anyway, Kevin Willis is just so freaking smart (but he's a Christian -- go figure) and he has an interesting take on the subject.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Will Barry Schreck get involved?

I'm just wondering if Barry Schreck will want to use DNA to defend a white Lacross player being hung out to dry by a racist system.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mystery harp players identified - again!

Now Fish is usually right about everything, but in the case of the mystery harp players, Fish just helped to identify them by leading us to the famous Danny Wilson of bassharp.com and currently of the Dave McKelvy trio. Well Mr. Wilson took a look at the mystery harp players and knew immediately who they were. He pointed me to the famed bass harp player, Dick Gardner, the last Harmonicat.

Here's what Mr. Gardner emailed me:
The Harmonica Players in the photo: Bob Sullivan, left. Ctr. Jerry
Kellerman, Dick Gardner, bass on Rt. We were active for over 10 years,
professionally known as ''The Harmonica Hi Hats''. Jerry had a trio in
the army in Germany in the 50's, and formed the Hi hats afterwards. I
joined them in 1959...stayed for 9 years, leaving to join the Harmonicats
in 1971, stayed with Jerry Murad for 22 years...That photo is/was circa
1966...Bob Sullivan died a couple years back, age, 65 maybe?...Jerry and
I are both 71 years old now. Jerry lives in AZ...I live in St.Paul area
suburbs in Minnesota. Still play, still repair, still teach and still
love the harmonica.....Nice to see we are still out there in Cyberland!

Nice to see you guys, too.

And be sure to check out the Dave McKelvy Trio's online mp3s here. And check out the Harmonicats here.

Thanks, everyone! Isn't it amazing that today you can post a mystery photo and end up emailing Danny Wilson and Dick Gardner? So cool.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

World Renowned Theologian Dr. White explains why the muslims chose Sept. 11

I sent the world renowned theologian Dr. White the link to Chas' blogspot, where Chas has posted an astonishing series of photos on the takeover of Belgian churches by muslims. This is what the famed theologian Dr. White wrote to me:

Europe has been a lost cause for years! They are letting the Muslims do, without force, what they tried to do in the Middle Ages by force, take over Western Europe. Incidentally, I wonder how many Americans, or Westerners for that matter, know the real reason why Al Queda attacked the US on 9/11.

September 11 is a signifcant date in Muslim history for it was on that date in 742 A.D. when Charles Martel, Charlegmagne's father, beat back the Muslim advance into Western Europe at the Battle of Tours effectively ending the Muslim attempt to colonize the continent (Yes, believe it or not, the French had a pair at one time).

The Islamic world has let this humiliating defeat fester like a sore wound for over 1200 years and has allowed it to foster resentment towards the West. The reason that the US was attacked and not France is because the US is the dominant symbol of Western civilization at this time. We need to wake up!

These people want to destroy us and they will not rest until they accomplish their mission. They are a very patient people. It took them nearly 1300 years to plan and implement their revenge against the West. 9/11 was only the beginning and those limp wristed Belgians, along with the rest of white flag Europe, will be next!

I don't like your God.

An old pal of mine used to be a religious brother for a Roman Catholic (of course) order with a house in Chicago. When he quit it was because (in part) as part of their training, they were asked to pray with Buddhist monks and worship a Buddha statue; pray with Hindus and even pray at a mosque. This was supposed to show... hell... I don't know...what it showed was that there aren't any Catholics left.

Anyway, how can you give up your life to a religion that doesn't believe anything?

My friend could not, so he quit and when he did he said it was like waking up from a long, bad dream.

This wishy-washy "I'm Okay/You're Okay" religion is not just a problem of catholicism, though it is certainly is a problem there. It is infecting Christianity everywhere.

Even God is wishy washy to Christians today.

I just saw in our liberal newspaper here that the locals are putting on a play with the message: It doesn't matter what you do, Jesus loves you anyway.

Really? Jesus is utterly without standards? He's a chump? John Wayne Gacy seems exactly the same to him as Mother Teresa?

I don't like that God.

My God has some standards. He cares about what people believe. He cares what I do. I'm looking for a church that has Him there. Nowhere to be found in modern America.

And nowhere to be found in Europe. See what is happening in Belgian Churches at Chas' excellent blogspot:
Chas' blogspot

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

That taxing time of year

This is the time of year - just recovering from paying taxes -- that I am reminded there is a whole class of people out there who think tax time is the time for a free gift!

Child care tax credits -- ie: free money to useless people -- is the way money is distributed to people who don't work or who work very very little and have a bunch of illegitimate children.

I used to have a parttime worker who was such a person (this was before I resolved never to hire anyone who has ever been on Welfare or Unemployment). Every May she would buy a new car with her $3,000 windfall.

Well, okay, sometimes she would pay off her credit cards. Sometimes she would declare bankruptcy and keep the cash.

But you get the idea.

In May I'm usually struggling to recover from the big tax hit. But I work.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ANOTHER view of the pod tree

You can see how the leaf stems are opening out of the pod, which has folded back.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Farewell Season 4 of 24

Those ungrateful bastards. After all Jack did! But it was way better than a secret Chinese prison camp.

But thank Gott in Himmel he got rid of that Audrey. Yech.

Spent crabapple blossoms and tiny peaches

The tiny peach is from the tree I planted last year.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Black men can't help but be racist

According to the newest issue of BusinessWeek, black men can't help but discriminate against white men and white women. They might attempt to change their behavior,but ultimately, they will always fail to promote white men and white women and fail to reward their achievements.

This is according to a sociologist who says the phenomenon is called "unconscious bias."

Today I post a secret

My Secret: I can't help myself from talking back to the television when I watch 24.

I CONSTANTLY talk back.

Not just once in a while.

When Jack has Marwan in custody at last and walks out into an empty parking lot, I've got to scream: You idiot!

I guess that's not much of a secret. At least not to Mark Wayne, who has to sit by me.

Happy Bon Voyage Day!

The day when we celebrate waving a fond farewell to illegal immigrants!

Bye! Don't come back now, ya hear?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wacky headline from Alistair

Bush, lawmakers seek gas relief

Chili for lunch on Capitol Hill?

Dispatch from Dr. White quotes
despised liberal clerics!

Before I post this dispatch from the world renowned Dr. White, I have to make this editor's note: I despise liberal clerics and Dr. White quotes some!

I despise liberal clerics more than liberal politicians because liberal clerics are the ones who are really responsible for this crumbling world where little morons masquerading as advice columnists in USA Today Magazine counsel teenage girls to give good blow jobs as an alternative to silly virginity.

Liberal clerics did it. Every step of the way they abandoned Jesus in favor of politics. They took Jesus off His throne and began to worship the poor. They stopped believing in sin and started believing that sin was good. They abandoned love and made it luv. So that Christ does not redeem our rotten souls, but instead Christ is our pal who has no conditions for His love, who worries about our self-esteem, who has no opinion about our behavior, save that worst of all sins -- voting Republican.

There are probably conservative Christians even now who will howl: WAIT! Jesus loves us unconditionally.

No, Jesus does not love you unconditionally. Oprah loves you unconditionally. Jesus has commandments. And while you might think that He loves you no matter how many times you break His commandments and how little you love Him, He promises to love you right into hell. You can call that unconditional love if you want, but, to me, there are a couple conditions implicit in that love.

Today liberal clerics are either flat-out libertines advocating group sex as luv or they are feeling a little remorseful about the world they created or they have have become Conservatives -- This, my friends, is the only true destination for Christians.

You can't be Christian and be a liberal. You have to choose your God.

But on to the dispatch from Dr. White:

Dr. White on The Serpent's Lie

I found the following quotes in the May 2006 issue of First Things magazine, a Catholic religious & philosophical journal, that I thought you might be interested in. Feel free to post them to your blog if you wish. The first set of quotes are from Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book, Ethics, in which he discusses why human plans for utopia are pernicious and doomed to failure: "When eternities are demanded of life, the powers of the earth readily pay the price of death in order to force life to deliver on the demand . . . . It is from beyond death that one expects the coming of the new man and of the new world, from the power by which death has been vanquished."

This quote is from the editor - in - chief of First Things, Father Richard John Neuhaus and his monthly editorial column, The Public Square. Here he is commenting on an incident in the now cancelled NBC series, the Book of Daniel in which the main character's (an Episcopal priest with a drug problem) boss, the bishop, recommends that Daniel be reprimanded by the Archbishop for his conduct. Father Neuhaus uses this incident to offer his own musings about how even liberals, despite how they seemingly begrudge all authority, need to live by some type of standard:

"After the bellicose children have taken over the house and then burned it to the ground, they still need to pretend that there is a parent who is going to call them to account. Otherwise, what is the point of rebelling?"

Father Neuhaus's comments reminded me of our earlier correspondence of how liberals seem to get all hung up over the "little things" like junk food and smoking while not making a big deal over the main problems of our society. As I said then, nature abhors a vacuum. Everyone lives by some sort of standard as everyone believes in some sort of absolute. If you knock God off of his throne, something must take his place, even if it is your own megalomaniacal ego (and after all is that not what the Fall is all about? The serpent's lie, "ye shall be as gods," is still alive and well today).

The preceeding was by the world renowed theologian Dr. White.


Dr. White, I can't help but smell a little liberal regret! Personally I've always thought of liberals as children, but I rarely see liberals compare liberals to children. -- Woodswalk

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Now everybody listen up!


Mystery harmonica dudes

Anybody have any idea where I could find out who these harmonica dudes are???

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Indy falcon

With her chicks. From the falcon blog.

Happy Patriots Victory Day!

In the United States, nothing special at all happens on May 5.

In Ethiopia, May 5 is Patriots Victory Day, marking the liberation of Addis Ababa by British forces.

Please join me May 5 in honoring the British, making the world safer for Democracies for centuries!

Incentives to mechanize agriculture

Since illegal aliens now pose a serious security threat to the United States, we have to start providing farmers with money to complete the mechanization of agriculture. Machines should be picking onions, not humans.

This would go a long way to dry up the jobs that these people are coming for.

The only way to dry up the market for illegal aliens completely, however, is to end Welfare in America. Welfare not only draws women with children out of the labor market, it takes their mates as well. A whole sector of men arise that do nothing but live off their the Welfare check of women.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pretty Plum

USA Weekend counsels girls to give blow jobs

I'm amazed at the kind of crap in mainstream magazines these days.

Here is a moron named Dennie Hughes who wrotes a "RelationTips" column -- an advice column which usually involves sex, right there in your Sunday magazine.

This weekend Dennie tells us that staying a virgin is a silly religious decision, and she proceeds to tell the girl the real facts of life: Men are going to want to have sex with you BEFORE they take a chance on marrying you because, after all, they gotta test the goods. So, she writes, if you can't spread your legs, at least learn how to give a good blow job!

Thank you, Women's movement. Thank you, Bill Clinton.

This babe actually thinks oral sex is not sex.

In case anyone wondered whether the women's movement had trivial goals, I think this clears it up.

Here is the liberal idea of heaven: Sexual fulfillment is the primary goal of marriage and, indeed, life. You don't have to worry about babies, just kill them if they get in your way. But if some silly sentimentality gets in your way and you do have a baby, don't worry! The government will take care of it!

Just be sure you know how to give a good blow job.