Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh I'd just like to support you!

I get calls like these every once in a while.

Caller (a touchy feely women's rights person): Oh, I love what you do!

Me: Okay. Thanks.

Caller: How can I get your (product or service) for free?

Me: You can't.

Caller: But I want to support you!

Me: Send me $250.

Caller: I can't afford that!

Me thinking: I can't afford to work for free because for some odd freaking liberal reason you want to support me by not paying for my product. You goddamn idiot.

Me talking: Sorry we charge for our (product or service) because that's the way we support our families.

Gawd liberals are idiots.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Million versus Trillion

From Carpe Diem

Original post here.

What a million dollars looks like in $100 bills

What a trillion dollars looks like...
Notice the guy is still there in the lower left corner.

Shared Sacrifice

It doesn't matter which measure you use to gauge 'wealth' because whatever one you use, I don't qualify as wealthy. But I am a business owner and this idea of 'shared sacrifice' is one that should make business owners angry as hell.

Every business owner is doing two or three jobs these days at our businesses while the indolent are further supported by most holy and compassionate Democrats.

Right now I'm doing two jobs. I have an opening for an employee but I am not going to fill it. For one thing, I am not sure sales will support it in six months. For another thing, sales will have to be much better before I want to take a chance on whatever new work and benefit rules will be instituted in the Obama administration.

But at any rate this call to sacrifice is not a call to shared sacrifice. In the Abomination, sacrifice is shared only by producers. If you work, you will work more. If you once worked, you will work again. If you were planning to retire, you will instead be working. If you were working toward retirement, you will now be working toward survival.

If you were productive, if you are productive, you are a sucker.

If you never worked, you will never have to. You are the clever one.