Thursday, November 20, 2008

John Coleman Explains The Well-Financed Myth of Global Warming

The planet isn't doomed. At least not yet.

Hat tip, strangely enough, to podfather and former MTV VJ Adam Curry and the Daily Source Code.

John Coleman was the founder of The Weather Channel. And he thinks Al Gore oughta be sued for meteorological malpractice. Heh.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just wondering what you all think...?

Can you impose a government monopoly (socialism) on a fully wired country?

Wouldn't you have to first have control over the internet? I don't know if that it is even possible to truly control the internet. China attempts to do this with politics and that is at least superficially possible so long as Google complies for searches.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Possum tracks on the cat house or possibly raccoon?

It's really cold outside. First snow of the year -- about an inch and just enough to see the tracks of a cat food thief. I've seen this possum on the porch before. I imagine he is a nightly visitor.

Update: I'm thinking those are racoon tracks now.

Monday, November 17, 2008


A puppy sleeps under a U.S soldier's hat and rifles in Baquba, in Diyala province, northeast of Baghdad November 6, 2008. From MSNBC's fun photo blog.

The anti-gay marriage votes

One of my favorite bloggers Chas has a post about the reaction to the anti-gay marriage votes in the recent election. He makes a point I have argued (unsuccessfully) for years that no-fault divorce gutted marriage. When one partner can simply quit the contract without regard to the desires of the other, you have something less than marriage. Chas says it is simply a civil contract.

"As a civil contract, how can it be legally denied to gay people? Arguments against gay marriage as a religious choice will probably still hold up, because no one has to join a religion that they don't like. (snip) If the religious right continues to try to control secular civil marriage contracts to reflect their own views, they may find themselves in a very uncomfortable, and losing, position."

I think, however, that the votes on gay marriage nationwide tell us that it isn't just the religious right trying to control marriage. There is a vast pool of sentiment against 'gay marriages.'

Now, is that bigotry? Is that prejudice? I would say yes. Is it wrong? If it is wrong, it is at least understandable.

The gay movement is a movement based on sexual behavior and it is a movement that insists on special rights to that sexual behavior, special tolerance, even before we get to the issue of marriage: Sex parades, sex clubs, promiscuous sex, and public funding for health problems arising from promiscuous sex. Demands for public education in the 'right' of people to have sex a certain way, even as far as educating children in the 'right' to have sex a certain way. All of these things I would put in the category of demands for special tolerance and special rights. To date, the larger culture has granted the gay movement these special tolerances, even at enormous cost to the state and culture. I might add that, though the heterosexual culture is also increasingly perverse, it still does not condone any of the behaviors for itself that the gay movement prides itself on.

These are serious presumptions on civil culture and public sentiment. But to my mind, that isn't all that is wrong with the so-called gay movement. I know we are just stupid idiots here in mid-America and what we think shouldn't count, but I rather doubt we know all there is to know about human sexuality. What we might find out has been utterly blocked by politics. So I'll just go ahead and show what a stupid idiot I am:

- Is it a normal human development (a perfectly acceptable alternative lifestyle) for a man to adopt the mannerisms of an adolescent girl? Or does it not strike you as a manifestation of mental illness?

- Is it normal human development for a woman to adopt the mannerisms of a boxer or a street fighter?

You may argue that not all gays do this and I would agree with you, but I also think that gay politics has prevented us from looking further into the issue of what is and what is not a manifestation of mental illness. Now, suppose we find out with certainty that my two examples are indeed mental illnesses. What should be done? Nothing. But I think we do then have an argument to make that our children should not be instructed that this is a normal example of human development.

As a former writer for a gay magazine (yes, friends, I wrote for a gay magazine because at one time I was young and liberal), I knew lots of gay men and women. (As a matter of fact, I know a lesbian couple who have been together for years, whom I love, who barely speak to me any more because I am not liberal.) I rarely met a gay man with a lasting love relationship and where there was one, it was never, ever monogamous even temporarily. Indeed, I would say the norm for gay men was to fall in love madly every week. And all the time cruising the bars for a sexual encounter (more than one) every night. The relationships I saw were also more likely to be violent, among gay men and women. I'd say since the gay movement began, we have never heard anything remotely honest about the nature of gay behavior. If we did, I think the vote against gay marriage would be exponentially higher.

Marriage stands for something in our culture that is more than a contract, no matter how trivial liberal governments have tried to make it: Monogamy, commitment, sexual discretion, and civil society.

NONE of these qualities are valued by the gay movement though, I happily and heartily admit that these are certainly values of SOME gay men and women.

But before we further chip away at the idea of marriage, can the gay movement attempt to show some responsibility? Can it value some of the things we value? Can it fearlessly face and analyze its own behavior?

Not yet it can't.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thought for the day

"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." --Sir Winston Churchill

(HT to Jill Cruzan)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks for the thought, BO!

An contract laborer complained to me that his son had grown up and therefore he would no longer get the 'Earned Income Tax Credit' -- which, for you other people like me who are not parents -- this is just free money the Democrats spread around to buy votes. He was shocked because for the first time in his life, he was going to have to pay $3,000 taxes!

I asked him if he wanted me to lower his salary. That way he would have to pay less taxes. This didn't seem good to him.

I helpfully let him know that payroll deduction was a great way to save money for taxes. This didn't make him any happier.

Indeed, he exclaimed that this tax thing was going to cost him $250 per month!!

I said if everyone had to pay that AFTER they received their checks, why, taxes would be much lower and that would be good. But since he and his wife were avid BO supporters, I added that they were probably way more patriotic than I am.

(hee hee heee heee! This gave me a lot of glee. Good one.)

All I can say is: Welcome to the world of taxpayers! You are doing your patriotic duty!

Global Swarming House

When water levels rise, you can get your house out of the way! hee hee. These people crack me up!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Guaranteed to Win in 2012

Just FYI. I explain on my blog here.

Hint: History is against us, and increasingly more dense and more populated (and more dependent) urban areas are turning formerly red states blue. It's no coincidence that liberals argue so passionately against the evils of suburban sprawl. The more tightly packed the big cities are, the more votes Democrats get.

And when liberal policies fail, the lefties abandon those blue states to populate the big cities that haven't yet succumbed the liberal plague, mostly in red states. Thus, the big population centers start turning those states blue, but the abandoned states--despite the daily evidence of the failure of liberalism all around them--remain blue as well. At least, they have so far.

Republicans will need to their act together, if they hope to win in 2010 and beyond. And watering down conservatism is not the answer.

Man Arrested for Wearing McCain Shirt at Obama Victory Rally

Isn't that nice? They're going to reach across the aisle. And slap a pair of handcuffs on us!

So much for dissent being the highest form of patriotism. I guess that's just for when Republicans are president.
I touch on the Orwellian redaction of Obama's hubristically-titled website,, here
A very strange reaction to the public analysis of his agenda, given that his agenda hardly seemed all that far reaching, or atypical, for serious progressives with designs on a more utopian nation. 
Frankly, some things in his agenda sound pretty reasonable to me. I mean, I might like as many things on the Obama agenda as I would have liked from McCain, to be 100% honest. McNugget wasn't exactly a rock-ribbed conservative.
I'm just curious about why they felt compelled to pull all the specifics down.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just curious: Do you think Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii?

It doesn't matter now. No, it doesn't. He's president. As my illustrious husband says there would be a civil war were he to be removed on a technicality now.

But, just curious. Don't you think , if there were in fact a valid Hawaiian birth certificate, it would have long ago been produced?

Now, I imagine if anyone ever got close to producing evidence that he was born in Kenya, we would see a birth certificate produced, but I rather doubt it would be legit.

So, it's just a exercise in trivia: Do you think he was born in Hawaii?

I think you would have to be fairly naive to think so.

Changing social classes: How Barack did it; how Sarah didn't

By Conservative Professor via Buyer Behavior

I also teach marketing. Yesterday, in a consumer behavior class, I used Obama as an excellent example of how people can change social classes by 1) getting the right education -- Columbia/Harvard in his case; 2) pursuing an occupation with prestige -- Congressman, Senator; 3) living in the right type of house in the right location (that's why Obama HAD to get that Chicago mansion -- no matter what); and 4) earning a salary -- not wages -- with other sources of income (Obama didn't have investment income, so he wrote two books). As well, Obama had to move to a location where he did not have a history -- so that he could be a clean slate with his new-found credentials. Voila -- an upper-class, elite citizen.

As an aside -- so I told my students -- except for the occupation part, Sarah Palin failed on the other three requirements of social-class change, and she never really changed locations. She is Governor in the same state she was PTA president. So, the elite media was never going to give her a pass -- according to them, she's just plain old middle class, despite her election as Governor of Alaska.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Wiz

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama theme song?

According to Hoosier Boy, this is eerily like Obama's acceptance speech. Hmmm ... sing along... I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do... catchy tune...Tax the rich, feed the poor, Till there are no rich no more

Global Warming makes the earth cuter with more kittens

Not joking.

Above, Toot, the cutest, product of Global Warming.

Can Obama deliver?

From Prof. Ray Titus

The best thing that's happened to the Republicans is that they lost the White House. Brand Obama has over promised. World peace ain't any closer than before. Outsourcing will continue. There will be no pullout from Iraq. If there is one, the mess will be greater, worsening what's presently a state of reasonable calm. Troops for Afghanistan won't come easy. Its one thing to be a media built superstar at a rally in Germany, its another, when it comes to troops for Afghanistan, Angela won't be as forthcoming. The canard of 'global warming' will be hyped as always, but it won't in any way drastically alter present environmental policies.

The list is endless.

Brands gotta be careful with their claims and promises. The bigger the promise the greater the expectation. And if not delivered on, the greater the disappointment; there may be even a risk of consumer anger. And that's what I foresee for Brand Obama.

Republicans, sit tight and watch Brand Obama equity erode.

Socialism illustrated

We can be bought, but we ain't cheap

Has anyone yet stated the obvious.... that Barack Hussein Obama's poll rigging organization ACORN stuffed the ballot boxes with so many phony votes in big cities, that he has singlehandedly set the record for election fixing? I don't suppose there will be an investigation.

Indiana was a prime example. On the Huffington Post the day before, they were saying BE SURE not to worry about Indiana until Gary got counted. This was no doubt because of the enthusiasm of Gary's large black population for a bigger welfare check part of the American dream. Or, it could have been obvious to everyone that entire cemeteries in Gary were about to empty out.

One thing I am kind of happy about: It took hundreds of millions of dollars, a professional voter fraud organization, and black skin to give this dishonest brat just an edge for the presidency. It ain't cheap to defraud Americans. As Barack demonstrates, it can be done. But you have got to be ready to pay.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Post racial America?

According to the Huffington Post:

Rove's comments did center on race, and the post-racial America Obama inherits as President.

I'd be curious about what you all think of this. Is this a post-racial America or a hyper-racial America?

God Bless Barack Obama

I think being the President of the United States is not a glorious experience, but instead a humbling one. I pray God Barack Hussein Obama is up to the task.

We have elected a man who is profoundly anti-American to lead our country. I pray the people of the United States will have the courage to stand up to Barack's worst inclinations. I pray Obama will grow up in the office that he will begin to see the values of honesty, hard work and fair play as valuable in American life.

Let us pray that the left wing grows up.

Let us pray that conservatives never become as angry as the left wing. After all, we're armed. :-)

God Bless Barack Obama. It's kind of cool that you guys elected the first black president. I would have preferred electing the first Democrat president who liked America, myself. But, it is kind of cool, still.

May conservatives have the will and energy to stand up to him as he attempts to gut business, destroy our way of life, and tax the middle class into extinction. Go on welfare now because change is coming!

God Bless Our President

From Walker's hubby:
I opposed this man from the start. Having said that I pray God to keep and save my president-elect Barrack Obama. Give him wisdom to lead our great country, and keep him and our great country safe from harm. Lord keep us a thriving and prosperous country.

Although I may oppose some of his policies in the future, I pray God that I never succumb to the vile hatred that was directed at our current president.

God bless America, and God bless our president elect !

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins; McCain Concedes

And I'm depressed. But, it happens. You win some, you lose some. We lost this one.

I watched McCain's concession speech. Profoundly inspiring and depressing at the same time. McCain was very gracious. Sounds like Obama was also a gracious winner. So, good.

Democrats are picking up seats in the House and the Senate. Not filibuster proof, but not good news, either.

It's going to be a tough, unpleasant, expensive ride until 2010.

Unfortunately, I was more optimistic about this thing than I really let myself believe. I've got no liquor in the house. This would be the perfect time to get a little sauced, and I did not plan ahead.

It's not all bad news. We got Sarah Palin. She may never be president, but I don't think she's just going to wither up and float away, either.

And I think the economy has serious problems which have been exacerbated by the bailout bill, rather than fixed. While, yes, the Democrats were actually to blame for most of this in the first place, there won't be any place to put it but right at their door. They'll have the Whitehouse. They'll have the congress and the senate. They will not be able to blame further market collapses on the Republicans.

And, believe it or not, it could have been worse. I'm thinking particularly of John Edwards or Dennis Kucinich. Either of these guys would have been much easier for McCain to beat, but, if elected, almost certainly worse for the country.

And, um, Obama speaks well. Um. I'm running out things. Guys, help me out.

There are a few unpleasant things to face. The judiciary and federal bureaucracy are going to be infected with radicals and liberals. However, we've been there, done that. It's a constant problem. I think this will be as bad as it has ever been, if not worse. But still, better than most of Europe.

Taxes are going to go up. For everybody. The economy is going to slow down. Our National Security may be jeopardized. Which will, at least, establish without a doubt that Democrats really are, after all, weak on defense. New energy sources will not be explored. Money will be thrown at alternative energies that produce no results, and drive the prices of fuel and food up.

Other stuff will be harder for Obama to do. Bankrupting the coal industry might be in his plan, but he's going to have a hard time getting all the Democrats he will need to make that happen to sign on. Legislation that will make national energy prices go up at every level will be less popular than Clinton's proposed VAT tax. Trying to silence Fox News and Rush Limbaugh will backfire. Majorly.

Still, I'm girding myself. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

Based on historical trends, an Obama victory was almost inevitable. I hoped that the American people, collectively, would be smarter than history. But you know what? They almost never are. C'est la vie.

Still, at the end of the day, I can understand Obama's appeal. I can find a lot to like about him. Sure, he's done some very questionable things and supports some suspect policies, but he never called 5 brave and innocent Marines murderers and rapists in a press conference, and elsewhere. He never referred to his own constituents as racists and ignorant. Meaning, I can understand why Barack Obama is our president elect. But I can't understand why John Murtha's constituents returned that worthless sack of excrement to the house. I really can't. I also can't understand Dick Durbin being rewarded for being a complete and utter jackass.

Barack Obama may loathe the military, but I don't know it. If he does, he at least has the good sense to keep it to himself.

That's it. I'm rambling. Walker's gonna revoke my posting privileges.

I'll finish it thusly: like it or not, Obama is now the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief. His past does not bode well for his wise and responsible use of this revered office. But I hope, since then, he has changed.

-- Kevin

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Obama Staffer Registers to Vote in 3 States; Votes in Two

You gotta admire that Obama campaign staff creativity. Now, that's confidence.

And, apparently other staffers are doing likewise. But I'm sure Obama doesn't approve.

I thought this was a guaranteed landslide. Why go to the trouble and expense of state hopping just to add your vote to an already guaranteed landslide?

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Jimmy Carter Was Polling Better than Reagan in 1980

Not that it means anything today. The New York Times doesn't think it does. But the pullquote here is still interesting:
Since Gallup began presidential polling in 1936, only one candidate has overcome a deficit that large, and this late, to win the White House: Ronald Reagan, who trailed President Jimmy Carter 47 percent to 39 percent in a survey completed on Oct. 26, 1980.

So, go forth and vote. You never do know.

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I Like James Carville

He's wrong about so many things, but I like him. And I just ran across and old quote of his that, during this day the the Youth coming out to Coronate the One, seems very apropos

“You know what we call candidates who rely on the youth vote? We call them ‘losers’.”

I picked that up from Sean Malstrom, a former political analyst that thinks McCain is going to win by larger margins than Bush. Right now, I think he's out of his gourd, but it's nice to see some genuine optimism, backed by real-world political analysis, out there.
And I love the picture of Barack Obama manifesting on a piece of toast.

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Obama Wins Dixville Notch in a Landslide

Dixville Notch, which hasn't gone for the Democrat since 1968, cast their ballots for Barack Obama in a Dixville Notch landslide early this morning. Obama took it handily, 15 to 6. That's 15 votes to 6 votes, to be clear.

Although I'm preparing myself for a day of exquisite political depression--and, if you have to be depressed about the direction of the country, you might as well plan on savoring it--it is worth noting that in 1968, the Democrat that Dixville Notch went for was Hubert Humphrey. Richard Nixon ended up winning the general election, in a close contest, by just 500,000 votes. 

Vote Palin/McCain! I'm planning on hitting the polls just around 11:30. A short drive, a little Rush Limbaugh on the radio, and I will cast my vote for the guy and gal the pollsters and the MSM are sure are going to lose, and lose big.

Ah, well. If no one ever stood athwart history shouting "Stop!", we never would have gotten The National Review or the legacy of William F. Buckley. So, this time, it might as well be us. 

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote for McCain/Palin

Looking forward to Skyrocketing Energy Prices

Obama wants our energy prices to skyrocket. It'll force us to conserve. He also wants to bankrupt the coal industry. Because coal is dirty.

Awesome! Add that to raising taxes on anyone making more than $250k--um, I mean $200k. I mean, ah, $150k. Did I say $150k? I meant $120k. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, add that to raising taxes on anyone making more than $50k a year, and this guy just keeps getting better and better.
Our country has lost its collective mind. Seriously. Even if the polls are wrong, that there are enough people out there to let so many polls show such support for a 60s radical whose politics make George McGovern look like more Joe Leiberman . . . something has changed. And not for the better.
I sure hope it changes back. As soon as possible.
Ah, well. See you tomorrow, at the only poll that really counts.
Vote Palin/McCain!

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Greedy CEOs

Speaking of CEOs, there's the "unconscionable," "obscene" salaries they receive, in some cases over $10 million a year. Wackonomics has an easy answer for these high salaries: it's greed.

However, CEOs don't have the corner on greed. There are other greedy people we don't scorn but hold in high esteem. According to Forbes' Celebrity 100 list, Oprah Winfrey receives $275 million, Steven Spielberg gets $130 million, Tiger Woods $115 million, Jay Leno $32 million and Dr. Phil $40 million.

I need to talk to these people and learn their strategy. I've been making every effort to get that kind of money. I go to bed greedy, dream greedy dreams, awaken greedy and proceed through the day greedy. Despite my heroic efforts, it's all been for naught; I earn a pittance by comparison.

~George Mason economist Walter Williams

(HT Carpe Diem)

Seinfeld on how Dems choose their candidate

Elaine: Well, I'm sure he's pro-choice.

Jerry: How do you know?

Elaine: Because he... well... He's just so good-looking.


I think I'll vote Democrat!

Walk down memory lane

Jimmy Carter


Prime rate 20%

Unbelievable, eh?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

He's always the 'man on the street'

Seems the New York Times quoted professional 'man on the street' Greg Packer again!

This reminds me of an incredibly silly liberal policy by the Gannett organization that once required its reporters to practice affirmative action in news stories. The way it worked was that every news story had to quote at least one black person and one Asian person, *even if* there were no black or asian people associated with the story. So the member papers repeatedly quoted their token black person. In every single story, the same black person was quoted again and again. So in other words liberals, trying to mainstream blacks, ended up making them tokens. Liberals are racists. No two ways about it.