Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barack Obama's tentacles

I hate to be a scrooge. What I have to tell you, however, is based on my experience with a business that has customers from every part of the country. It's not as if I'm writing from Michigan where NO ONE ANYWHERE is working and never will be so long as the Democrats are in charge there. No friends, my business spans the country and I'm here to tell you this:

This is not a recession.

NO ONE has money to spend. No one anywhere. You might see a little dip or little uptick in unemployment but that number, if it is calculated fairly at all, is preparing to skyrocket.

While Congress and the President crucify the financial sector, keep this in mind. They haven't merely killed 'evil mortgage brokers.' While they make bonuses and reward trips illegal, remember they aren't just killing greedy salespeople. They are killing the usual suspects like the real estate, mortgage, insurance, financial industry but they are also killing industries like travel and meeting. When you kill one industry, the poison drips through the whole economy. You kill the meeting industry, you just don't kill a hotel: You affect airlines, taxi cabs, rental cars, golf courses, bars, bands and every form of transportation and entertainment. You kill catering, beverages, decorating, and the whole array of service jobs occupied by waiters, housekeepers, and small artisans. You kill bakeries and delis and that reaches farms and cattle. Feed stores, farm equipment, grocery stores.

These are the tentacles of Barack Obama's philosophy of poverty.

The next time you cheer when you hear that an evil CEO isn't going to get a bonus. Watch your back. Poverty is coming to a town near you, Bub. And that is courtesy of BO.