Friday, October 31, 2008

Liberal birdies! Trick or treat!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're teamsters and we will never vote for Barack Obama

This is one of the blizzard of Obama brochures my Teamster husband gets every day. Inside are separate photos of the 110 total Teamsters who are voting for Barack Obama. But I'm thinking the other 1.4 million are not so sure.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which includes my husband who is certainly NOT voting for His Highness OprahOsama Hussein Obama, appears to be absolutely terrified that it can't deliver the Teamster vote for Obama, at least judging from the panicked mailers which arrive every day.

This particular union, renown for its mob ties that land its leaders in jail or cement overshoes every five years or so, has screwed us so many times through outright lies and manipulation, that I'm just wondering if someone like McCain couldn't stir this pot a little bit. I think there is a deep and abiding hostility to the Teamsters on the part of its members and, if not for the Teamsters, certainly for Obama.

For one thing, teamster drivers who dream of their own rig,don't have to do a lot of math to see that a tax on $250,000 gross receipts pretty much puts them in a higher tax bracket.

And contrary to the Teamster Magazine, not every Teamster is a socialist, a single mother, or an oppressed minority looking for a shortcut to a job at UPS. Most Teamsters are at least as suspicious of the assholes running that bunch as they are about any oppressor.

Time for Republicans to mine union membership a bit more. While some unions -- the autoworkers come to mind -- consist of a fairly brainwashed bunch, others include a variety of views. -- Walker

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicago Thug Politics You Can Believe In

From Ace of Spades:

Ohio's Head of Job and Family Services Approved a Child-Support Search on Joe Wurzelbacher Immediately After Third Debate; Her Excuse? "Oh, We Always Do That."

Of course, it turns out that Helen Jones-Kelley is a big Obama supporter and has contributed the max to the Obama campaign. But, apparently, with her immediate search-and-destroy on Joe the Plumber, she still has a number of in-kind contributions she'd like to make.

This is one thing we will all have to fear with an Obama presidency. We won't have to worry about Obama coming after us for speaking our minds.

His minions are going to do that for him, without him saying a word. They already are.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Kevin Willis: Will we see radical 'change'?

But radical turns to the left are hard, and can hurt you politically (ask Bill Clinton about 1994). Yeah, he's almost certainly a sixties radical, but if he trots out his Marxism in a big way, he's gonna lost support of a lot of blue dogs in the house, a few senators who hear from their constituents, and a crucial 10% of voters who just "never believed" that those "crazy right wingers" could have been right about what Obama planned to do.

It's not impossible that he will govern as a pragmatist (not likely, but not impossible), in a sort of Bill Clinton mode, so as not to immediately alienate the crucial portion of the electorate that he got to vote for them, and work his magical '60s radical magic where he can do the most damage without looking like he's doing anything radically leftist at all. He will populate the courts and the federal bureaucracy with radicals. William Ayers won't be given a government position. But everybody in William Ayers rolodex will. The most liberal state judges will be elevated to the federal circuit, the CIA and FBI and the Pentagon--already infested with lefties--will be saturated. All the time, Obama may govern with a liberal-lite strategy that leaves his biggest lefty supported disappointed, but keeps the left-of-center and "moderates" firmly in his camp.

The reason I think he may govern like that is because (a) I don't believe the lesson of 1994 is lost on him. He doesn't want to have 2 years as president omnipotent, and then suddenly face a Republican house and senate in 2010. Which, if he unveils his new plan for nationalizing private business and re-establishing the Fairness Doctrine, is what will happen. 8 years of a moderate, pragmatic, charismatic Obama will give him the opportunity to stack all the courts at every level, including the supreme court, with Marxists and radicals, as well as pack every federal bureaucracy and GSE with liberal cronies.

(b) is how he has run his campaign. He's smart enough to know he can't run as a Marxist or a Chicago thug and hope to win the Whitehouse. He's been all hope and change and good times, because he knows if he put reparations in his campaign platform, he'd lose. I think he may govern with that in mind, too, wanting a full eight years to Democrat "advise-and-consent" to rubber stamp every radical communist he wants to put in every position of government. So, while he won't look as bad as conservatives generally fear, he will end up being much, much worse.

I think there are short term goals, but this is a long term strategy. Real lefty ideologues in the Bill Ayers mode have learned to think in very, very long terms. While throw the frog in boiling water, when he'll just jump out? Put him in cold water and slow turn up the heat until he's boiled.

I hope I'm wrong, or that the house and senate Democrats get too drunk with power to let Obama reign them in, and they start with taxing everything that moves and nationalizing 401ks and sending billions to ACORN and bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. Given the records of folks like Pelosi and Reid and Frank and Rangel, this is pretty likely. So if the grand Obama strategy is what I expect, the democrats in the house and senate may still screw the pooch, and get the big boot in 2010.

But I'm not counting on it.

Time out for Toot

This is Toot, AKA Tootie Fruitie, who was a scared, little lost creature when we found him two weeks ago. I'm a sucker for lost animals. So I have four dogs and two (outdoor) cats. The cats have to stay out because I am really allergic to them. But they have heated cat houses.

When farmers must become field hands

Imagine: Obama has the news media, the entertainment media, the Univeristies, the unions and the schools.... with all of that relentless propaganda, he STILL can only get just under 50 percent of the population.

That is how hard it is to impose "change" on a population.

We don't know what this change is. If change means spreading your money around to other people, then perhaps Obama is indeed a Marxist/Islamicist plant.

If the pattern follows, when Obama does get elected he'll begin making his agenda known. When farmers don't want to become field hands, when business owners don't want to become bureaucrats, then he'll have to resort to what every other Marxist has had to go to: Force.

If it comes to that, it won't be easy. We're still armed.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"WHO IS WRITING YOUR QUESTIONS?" I know and I'd like to shake her hand.

I know you had to see this on the Drudge Report, but, are you amazed to see, for the first time in memory, a television news person actually asking questions you want to know? Actually pressing Preening Joe for answers? And Joe is totally amazed!

The newscaster is Barbara West of the ABCTV affiliate WFTV in Orlando. She is utterly unruffled by Biden's insults like: who is writing your questions? At one point, Biden says: Is that a question and she goes on point: Yes. That's a question.

According to Fox News, the Lord Messiah OprahOsamaObama cut off interviews with the television station. Hard questions won't be tolerated. Word to the brown nose media:

Obama's chicken shit campaign

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign, according to the Sentinel.

Here's what West says:

"We are given four minutes of a satellite window for these interviews. Four precious minutes. I got right down to it and, yes, I think I asked him some pointed questions. These are questions that are rolling about right now and questions that need to be asked. I don't think I was rude or inconsiderate to him. I think I was probing and maybe tough. I can't believe that in all of his years in politics, and all of his campaigning and such, that he hasn't run into some tough questions before. He's certainly up to it in giving good answers."

Why don't we have more people like this on the national level?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lord Obama's new theology

When the Messiah OprahOsamaObama was speaking at the Alfred E Smith dinner he said, in a serious moment, that 'According to scripture, God creates for us works of service."

I've been wondering since then exactly what scripture that is. I've been pretty sure it wasn't the Bible but just to be sure, I decided to consult the eminent theologian Dr. White who is a SubtleOakFlavor contributor on matters of theology.

This is what the eminent Dr. White wrote:

It is nowhere in the Bible. He is either making it up or, most likely, following someone's (Jeremiah Wright) interpretation of one or more passages of Scripture"

According to Dr. White, Ephesians 4:11 asserts that that God has equipped certain individuals as apostles, evangelists pastors and teachers, but that passage is talking about the ministry of the church and building up believers, not about holding hands with welfare cases.

"Though social service is a vital part of the Chuch's ministry," Dr. White says, "it cannot be reduced to that, as liberal Christians and theologians are wont to do."

In other words, what would Jesus do? One thing is for sure He wouldn't be worshipping the poor and pretending indolence, sloth, and every manner of behavior offensive to him can be cured by a new house with a free mortgage. No sir, God did not give every believer works of service to the Democrat party.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Democrats Want Sarah Palin to Take Her Clothes Off

And not for the same reason's I would. It's because they cost a lot of money!

Republicans have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Palin's wardrobe, and it's a scandal.

Some women's Oscar night dresses alone cost that much, and don't look nearly as good as Palin's wardrobe. But never mind that.

It's a scandal! More Republican hypocrisy!

How much does Hillary spend on her wardrobe? How much does Michelle Obama spend on hers? What, nobody cares about that? Huh.

After the campaign, the McCain campaign plans to donate Sarah's pricey duds to charity. Who doesn't think an auction of designer duds, worn by Palin herself, won't raise more money for charity than the clothes originally cost?

But it will probably be some sort of church charity. Or something that goes to farmers or plumbers, and not to the government. So it's not really charity.

I know I'm supposed to be shocked the GOP has spent so much on Palin's clothes, but I'm not. I'm just nauseated by the unending attacks, and hypocrisy, from the Democrats, the left, and the media in this country.

I'm sorry, Katie Couric shops off-the-rack at the Dress Barn?

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The Democrat's History of Racism

To expand on what Walker said below, I've got to point you folks to Why I am a Black Republican, by Francis Rice.

Just a few pull quotes from an article full of excellent historical examples:

It was the Republicans who fought to free blacks from slavery and amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th
Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment). Republicans passed the civil rights laws of the 1860's, including the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867 that was designed to establish a new government system in the Democrat-controlled South, one that was fair to blacks. Democrats fought against anti-lynching laws, and when the Democrats regained control of Congress in 1892, they passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that repealed portions of laws designed to help African Americans.

Too far in the past? Not relevant to the parties of today? Well, what about what was happening in the 1950s and 1960s?

After Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt received the vote of African Americans due to his “New Deal” appeal and took office in 1933, he rejected both anti-lynching laws and the establishment of a permanent U.S. Civil Rights Commission. Democrat President Harry Truman not only rejected Republican efforts to enact anti-lynching laws and establish a permanent U.S. Civil Rights Commission, but also failed to enforce his 1948 Executive Order designed to desegregate the military. It was Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who established the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, enforced the desegregation of the military, sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate the schools, and appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to the U.S. Supreme Court which resulted in the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision ending school segregation. Eisenhower also supported the civil rights laws of 1957 and 1960.

He goes on to explain how the Republican party did not become the home for racist Democrats, how Democratic Party Socialism hurts black Americans, and how Democrats act to keep blacks in poverty.

As Walker said: this is history, bub.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

History of Democrat racism found in riots

This is History, Bub

1968 Baltimore
The perennial DEMOCRAT governor George Mahoney, ran on an ANTI-INTEGRATION TICKET. For the liberals in the audience born before, say, 1980, this means the Democrat was against integration. Integration means mixing. You know, blacks and whites living amongst each other. The Democrat DID NOT want that to happen.

It was the REPUBLICAN Spiro Agnew who finally beat the anti-integration governor Mahoney to start open housing laws, repeal anti-miscegenation laws (for the youngsters... so you don't have to look it up...that means laws against interbreeding. Democrats hated interbreeding. OOOOOOh! Without that we wouldn't have the Messiah OsamaObamaOprah Hussein)

Sprio was ahead of his time. He pissed off local black leaders by calling on them to repudiate racist black leaders. Oh. Oh. Can't do that even then. When riots broke out after MLK's death, Agnew criticized black leaders for not doing enough to stop it.

Here is a history of the Democrat regimes that inspired riots.My guess is that before OsamaObama is finished you'll have more Democrat inspired riots. But this time, it's gonna be white people.

I should preface this by saying that I don't care about racism. Really. You think you're discriminated against: Go jump in the lake. (a much nicer instruction than I actually had in mind.) I care about people being polite to others. I care about people having the sense of courage it requires to blame their problems on themselves not other people. None of these qualities I see in OprahObamaOsama black culture today. But I see ALL of the in white culture and Asian culture. (I suspect Hispanics are not insane but I'm not sure.) Oh my. I said something good about white people. That's illegal isn't it? Maybe Obama will get his lawyers after me.

I looked up these facts on riots to shove in the face of a misinformed little twerp who doesn't know he's been brainwashed. I share them with you because... hell... I have a blog. Here.

Democrat Lyndon B Johnson President during these riots.

Harlem Riot of 1964, NYC mayor was a Democrat, Robert F Wagner, Jr., who appointed the police commissioner, Michael J. Murphy, (d 1997), a Democrat. Murphy is noted to have presidedover NYC in a time when people were so terrorized that 38 people watched a woman stabbed to death and said nothing.

Philadelphia 1964, Mayor James Hugh Joseph Tate, Democrat, to 1972. Riot involved police action. Police commissioner, a Democrat, appointed by Mayor.

Watts, 1965, Wagner, A Democrat, was mayor.

Hough Riots, 1966, Cleveland, Ralph S. Locher, Democrat.

North Omaha Neb, 1968,
Ernie Chambers, (b1937) African American civil rights leader listed his party as Independent until he retired in 2008. Although a liberal, he was not a Democrat.

Texas Southern University riot, Louie Welch, Democrat, mayor.

Detroit 12th street riots 1967, Mayor Jerome Cavanaugh, Democrat, hailed as great progressive. Presided over the city's most serious riots.

Buffalo New York riot, Mayor Frank A Sedita, Democrat.

1967 Milwaukee Riot: Henry W. Maier, DEMOCRAT.

1967, Minneapolis riot, Mayor Arthur Naftalin, DEMOCRAT Farmer Labor.

1967 Newark Riots, Hugh Joseph Addonizio, Democrat

1968 Orangeburg Massacre, Orangeburg South Carolina, Governor Robert McNair was a lifelong Democrat.

I didn't go through all the riots... but it seems that DEMOCRATS were totally in charge of racism, segregation and police actions during the whole of the civil rights period. Indeed, you have to look to Republicans to find someone opposing them.

Friday, October 17, 2008

They HATE Sarah Palin. This is why.

Kevin Drum from Mother Jones thinks that, after Obama is coronated, Sarah Palin will just shrivel up and blow away. Why? Because smart liberals like Kevin Drum hate her. He writes:

Palin is lazy, ill-informed, contemptuous of policy, and way too convinced that everybody in the country is dazzled by her folksy energy and thousand-watt smile . . . on November 5th she'll disappear to Wasilla for good.

Which is where folks like Kevin Drum wish all us Red Staters would go. They don't get why we love her, and to the degree that they do understand, they are contemptuous of us and our rural stupidity. But this is why we love her, and why they hate her:

Sarah Palin. On the campaign trail. Stopping at Wal-Mart with the secret service to pick up some diapers.
She's one of us, folks. Down to the core. That why the liberal elites hate her so much. They resent the idea of one of us great unwashed clambering over the ivy-covered wall and playing in their playground. And they just can't wait until Sarah--and you, and me--just disappear, so they don't have to be bothered any more.
I think they're going to be waiting a long time.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bank Affirmative Action

Andrew Cuomo has a press conference (back in '98) where he explains how the government will force banks to make risky loans so liberals can play racial politics.

A little long. A little Dry. But worth watching. The end covers Fox News connecting Obama to ACORN. Take a peek.

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Joe the Plumber for president

"To be honest with you, that infuriates me," plumber Joe Wurzelbacher. "It's not right for someone to decide you made too much -- that you've done too good and now we're going to take some of it back."


The ABC blog the quote came from proceeded to show just how wrong Joe is, explaining B Hussein's plan to tax people who make $250,000 or more. The blog also asks Joe what SOMEONE ought to ask B Hussein: Is that gross profit or net?

== Walker

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last debate

All I can say is that we were screaming at John McCain all night.

However, I thank God JM articulated our position on babies born alive and partial birth abortion.

== Walker

Rick Moran At Right Wing Nut House Explains How Everything We Do Is Racist

And he's right. It's very long (Walker will say he needs an editor, and she's probably right), but it's worth a read.

Boy oh boy. If we white folks think we're racist now, just wait until we've had four years of Obama.

Some days, I don't think our country is all that far away from having separate water fountains for us white crackers, so noble African-Americans don't have to sully themselves by drinking from the same spigot as congenital racists.

I guess I'm as paranoid as Walker.

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MSM and Democrats Worry That the Palin/McCain Crowds Are Getting Too Nasty And Angry

Yeah, well, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
They need to clean up their own side the aisle before they start worrying about anger, agitation and violence from Republicans. 
Be warned, some of the video content is offensive and NSFW. It's from liberals, about conservatives, so what else would you expect?
Hat tip to Advocate1234.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are you voting for Barack Hussein Obama because he is a good looking black man? Great! You are just like most of his supporters!

If you wonder why Barack Hussein Obama switched from Barry Hussein Obama (the name he used throughout most of his life), here is a theory. He looked white, 'talked white', and thought just like guilty, angry, elitist white professors at Harvard and, hey!, this wasn't going to play to the Harlem crowd! If he couldn't sound stupid and ridiculous, how was he supposed to prove he was black enough. Well, easy, adopt a weird name and flaunt his Muslim credentials. Muslims are considered way black enough. And they all talk white.

But what about whites? Barack Hussein Obama gambled, correctly, that shallow, guilty white leftists would fall in line and support him no matter how much he appeared to hate whites. In fact, he thought hating whitey would really help him with the white Democrat vote.

And he was right.

Lee County Sheriff Under Investigation For Using Obama's Middle Name

Mike Scott said the words "Barack Hussein Obama", and is now under criminal investigation for violating the Hatch Act.

It this is the approach The One's political enemies are having used against them before the election, just wait until Obama is in the Whitehouse.

Hat tip to Ace of Spades.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Tim Mahoney Hush Money To Ex-Mistress Is Fine

Because they weren't campaign funds. And, let's face it, because he's a Democrat. I expound here
In short, this was the guy who replaced Mark Foley, who was The Devil Incarnate, according to the MSM, because he sent sexually suggestive IMs to male interns. Now caught paying off a woman he had an affair with while she was working for him, in order to keep her mouth shut. Nice.
If you live in Mahoney's district, make sure to vote for Tom Rooney, who is running against him. 

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What A Relief! McCain Will Steal the Election!

Well, not quite. According to one of the many braniacs at PuffHo, McCain will claim the election was stolen from him to rob Obama of his mandate.

Gotta love the left. He recites the popular Republican "myth" of the 1960 election being stolen by Kennedy, and says none of it is true, without offering evidence to support this assertion.

McCain will do the same thing, by accusing poor, put-upon ACORN of voter fraud, even though this guy says ACORN has never done a single thing wrong, ever.

What happened to all the Diebold Voting machines the Republicans were using to steal elections? Why is there no real, recent discussion of how Republicans plan to steal the election with all their rigged machines?

Sounds like this is a set up to discredit (or prevent) any Republican lawsuits against obvious voter fraud, via ACORN, that helps to ensure Obama wins the election.

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Bet you didn't know I was a business mogul

Thanks to Rush, I just realized that I, me, moi, am a business mogul. My business receipts exceed BO's level for a small business. (I don't get all the money from the receipts, mind you). So I am officially an NObama business mogul.

My friends, let me tell you that if I am now classified as rich, the rest of you are doomed.

The Economy Trumps Race

According to Time. Because if the economy weren't so bad, all of us crackers out here in flyover country would just vote for the white guy. That's just how we are.

Ezra Klein puts it in interesting terms, saying explicitly that McCain will win whites but lose the presidency. If this happened, he would be the first candidate in US history to do so.

Given that Non-Hispanic whites are 68% of the popluation and African Americans are 12%, with Asians and Hispanics coming in at 5% and 15% respectively, how, exactly, does that work? Figures from Wikipedia, but feel free to use your own sources, you'll come up with similar numbers. Even if you throw in ACORN registering dead voters, much of the zombie vote will still consist of white people.

Obama may well win the election, if current tracking polls are any indication, and given the bi-partisan Communist agenda going on with congress and the current administration, I'm not sure it'll be that much different one way or the other (Walker may disagree). But he will have to win the white vote to do it. A president may well be elected without a majority of the white vote in 2050, but in 2008, you still have to win the caucasians to become president.

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October surprise?

Don't think so. But it is compelling.

There is still a place like this in the world

This is a cottage on Outer Hebrides. A friend of a friend visited there recently.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Paranoid Express.

Paranoia Point Number One:
I'm afraid to put a McCain sign on my lawn. Really.

See, I agree with Democrat activist James Carville that if McCain wins blacks will become violent. And, unlike the relatively innocent 60s, I think there is an actual, direct threat to white people from black culture that celebrates violence.

The other day my cousin wrote me that her son, whose wife is a doctor, said that 'all the rich people' around them (apparently that wouldn't include her son even though he lives in the same neighborhood -- whatever) threw poop on their Obama sign!

If true, which I doubt, this constitutes the pinnacle of white riots. (At least to date. I imagine if BO screws with 401Ks too much, you might see Republicans in the street.)

See if you think -- off the top of your head -- that black riots will be quite so benign.

Paranoia Point Number Two:

A friend told me recently that he was watching to see if Obama chose the obvious candidate for VP: Hillary. If he didn't, my friend said that it just suggested to him that Obama was a Muslim plant. Whoa.

Not sure I'd go that far,but Farrakahn does think Obama is Jesus.

Friday, October 10, 2008

L.A. Times Inserts Grammatical Errors Into Palin Quote

This pretty much confirms your worst suspicions about the MSM.

Have any doubt that Palin's interviews were edited to make her appear less informed and more incoherent? Look no further than the L.A. Times knowing re-writing Palin quotes--though the actual transcripts are available--to try and make her look stupid, and easily dismissed.

Imagine what they're doing when alternative transcripts aren't available for the general public to fact-check their "rigorous" reporting.

Of course, I'm sure the Katie Couric and Charles Gibson interviews weren't edited or skewed in any way to make Palin look bad. Not at all.

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Obama's Job Interview Doesn't Go Well . . .

Hat tip to Ace of Spades, where the cartoon is a little easier to read.

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Why isn't this hit hard in the campaign?

As you see in the above video (HT memetrics even Bill Clinton says the Democrats were responsible for the current economic crisis. EVEN BILL CLINTON SAYS THAT. BILL CLINTON.

Why isn't it part of the presidential debate? Is it because they made a deal? I think so. I think the GOP and the Dems made a pact not to tell the truth because the crisis is so severe.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Love this guy and he's voting for McCain/Palin

Kevin Willis tipped me off to this video and it is FABULOUS

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Food poisoning

It's a bitch.

nuff said.

Monday, October 06, 2008

See Rock City!

We did and that, Junebug, is why I haven't posted for a while!

The photo you see is Mark walking on air.

I'll post more when I can wake up.